So that’s happening

Well, you guys helped convince me! We’re going to Chatt Hills at the end of the month!


It’s not very often that an opportunity presents itself so impeccably, and I felt like I would be an idiot NOT to go. No one else had taken those days off at work, I can afford it (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS STATEMENT AS A CHALLENGE, HORSE GODS) thanks to my endless stream of side gigs, and plenty of people are going, so hauling and places to stay should work out fine. Trainer is one of those organized people that is really good at pulling things together quickly, and that’s exactly what she did. Within a few days of me saying I would go, she had a whole plan worked out and 8 horses going.

I swear he actually works a lot and doesn’t eat that much

The cool thing about this trip, compared to the Great Coconino Adventure of 2016, is that I feel a lot less pressure about it. That trip was both Henry’s move up to Training (with Trainer) and our Novice Three Day. Both of those things were stressful, and with a lot of build-up and planning. This time we’re just going to have fun, jump around a new venue, and get some miles. I feel a lot less stressed about it, and since I’m hauling with other people, won’t have my own vehicle, and am not in charge of accommodations… for someone who is normally a total control freak, it’s a little freeing. I’m feeling very “go with the flow” about the whole thing. However the details unfold, I’m cool with it. I really did NOT think I’d have an opportunity like this this year, so we’re just gonna go have some fun.

I sent in my entries last week, because, well… closing date is already next week! Yeah, we’re only about 3 weeks away from leaving, really. Now I’m trying to get my brain in hardcore “Um, yeah, you should probably start getting your shit together because we’re about to go on a 2 week road trip/horse show spree”. Eep!


Gear wise I have about everything anyone could need, it’s just a matter of 1) remembering what all I need, 2) finding it, 3) making sure it’s all clean, 4) figuring out how the eff to pack all this crap into as little space as possible. I also need to schedule a vet appointment to get Henry a health certificate, maybe move up a farrier appointment, and order whatever extra stuff we might need for the trip (ie Gastrogard, paste electrolytes, etc). It’s like all the crap involved with going to a regular show except on steroids because it’s 2 weeks long, 4 states, and 14 hours away.

I strongly considered having a “Treat Yo’self” on a Motionlite coat, but thought I should probably quit with the not-actually-necessary-or-justifiable money hemorrhages while I was ahead. I did cave and finally order a package of Quick Knot though, so we’ll try that out and see if it saves me some time and fuss. The barn is doing an order of polo shirts, so I’ll probably pick up one of those too. I really wanted to get an extra pair of white breeches, too, but I managed to talk myself out of that. Which is a good thing because this morning I found a pair of whites in the closet that I haven’t even worn yet and completely forgot I had.


Otherwise the purchases will be limited to whatever is required to keep Henry comfortable and happy.

I’m actually stupid excited about this trip, at this point. Horse shows have been kept to such a minimum over the past year, and I’m longing for a little “showcation”. Plus totally brand spanking new-to-us XC!!! I’m hoping it’s as fun as I’m imagining.

can’t wait to jump the iconic Chatt Hills stone wall!

But for the next few weeks, if I seem a little… crazier than normal… no one be surprised. Anyone want to come organize and pack for me?

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22 thoughts on “So that’s happening

  1. Maybe it’s time for you to have Working Students at each stop on your trip! They make lists and pack and unpack all of your crap, one on the other end at each stop. It will be like the Bachelor, only instead of getting engaged, they give you a rose for the privilege of muking stall, grooming, firing around doing important jobs like polishing your boots and Henry’s feet-all while you lounge under a tree 🙂

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  2. if you dig the quick knots can you do a review on them?? im curious.

    i wish those motion lite coats came in purple. i dunno why. i already have 3 show coats. and 0 horses to show. but thats horses for you amirite??!?

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  3. Eventing blogger meetup? It would have to be early on for me. On the 3rd, I’m going to KY for a saddle seat thing. Okay, so I’m a blogger just not an eventing blogger. Yet. I hope to be one in the future. Also, I’d be driving over, so I’d be interested in an activity longer than coffee. A progressive lunch where we go from stall to stall meeting everyone’s horse? Any takers? Amanda? Anyone else? Katherine


    1. We might be going to a farm in Alabama in between shows to give the horse some down time, but when I get a better idea of the schedule I can let you know!


  4. Treat yourself. I went coatless for MANY years until MotionLite, I now own four and they are amazing. The machine washable aspect just makes them that much better, but the feeling like you AREN’T wearing a coat and that your shoulders aren’t going to be grabbed mid-air by your own clothes is priceless.


    1. I mean, I have a really nice custom Winston that I love… plus I’m sure coats will be waived. But… that navy motionlite would be really nice…


  5. What size are you? I’ll loan you a Motionlite coat if you want. I’m not using it! Mine are both smalls. I have navy and hunter. Seriously would send you one to borrow if you want.
    Would love to hear about those quick braid things. They look confusing to me!
    I’m so excited you’re going! Can’t wait to read all about it!


  6. YAY (sorry was with dad all day yesterday schlepping him back and forth to doctors so could not post only read) Glad you signed up. And I am laughing hysterically to myself hoping you dont forget your saddles 🙂 HA HA HA (never letting you live that one down!). Also funny you forgot you had that pair of breeches 🙂 Glad you found them BEFORE you bought some more. Can’t wait to watch you freak as you get closer to the day! 🙂 It will be great fun and Merritt will keep your shit together so you will be okay. She is used to people like you I think 🙂 LOL


  7. Uhhh that Motionlite coat looks amazing. Buy one and review it. Also review the braiding thing, because I’m tempted to buy that, too.

    Have fun in GA! I want to get down there sometime, their courses look like fun!


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