Presto’s Big Weekend Adventure

Oh boy, did Presto have another very exciting weekend! Well, some parts of it were more exciting for me than for him, but he still had his fair share of fun.

My trainer’s barn was having a schooling jumper show on Sunday, so I decided to make a weekend of it and have a dressage lesson on Saturday too. And of course, if I’m gonna take Henry down there for the weekend, why not throw Little Brother in the trailer too? So Saturday morning, bright and early, I loaded both boys in my trailer together for the first time.

Which we should all get extra credit for, because I don’t have functional butt bars at the moment and was wondering how the hell that was gonna work, trying to load two by myself. But these kids are saints, so it was as simple as leading them both out together, having Henry self-load, and then leading Presto into the other side, leaving them both to make faces at each other over the hay net while I went around and shut the ramp. I am lucky to have two easy loaders/haulers. That could have been way harder than it was. The next big thing for Presto to learn is how to self load, so I can just point both of them at the trailer and not have to worry about it.

After the two hour drive they unloaded just as easily, and Presto pretty much went straight to the Tree of Knowledge to get an education in patience while Henry and I watched some other lessons and then got ready for our own. I’ll talk more about the idea behind the Tree of Knowledge in another post, because several people have already asked about it after seeing my Instagram stories, but let’s just say that Presto was none-to-pleased about it at first. He stayed out there for a few hours total and while he definitely settled way down, he was mad and certainly did not give up entirely. Gotta give the kid props for perseverance and stamina.

After Henry and I were done with our lesson, we went and rescued grabbed him from the tree and ponied him around the XC course a bit. Mostly I wanted to get him in the water, because they’re never too young to start learning about that. He was a little hesitant at first, standing on the edge for about 30 seconds before giving up and plopping one foot in. And once that foot was in, he had a total change of heart. He charged into the water, smacking it with his feet and making big splashes. He looked like a little kid in a pool. I wish I’d been able to video that part, I was cracking up.

a little later, when the initial enthusiasm had tapered off a bit

We crossed the water a few times and then I let him stop to drink. After that he decided he wanted to roll in this magical pool of amazingness, so I let him. And he rolled. And he got up. And he rolled again. And he splashed. And he rolled. I was laughing so hard I had to go get Trainer and bring her back over to watch.

So, no worries there… Presto LOVES water. We even walked up and down the little tiny side of the bank. It’s so small, a step up trailer is bigger, so it’s a good little “intro” to the idea of stepping up and down. Up was easy, but he was a little impressed with the first time down. I’m pretty sure you can see him saying CANNONBALL here.


After that it was less exciting and he just plopped down normally on the second attempt.

On Sunday he spent a few hours in the morning turned out next to Trainer’s geldings, who were absolutely mesmerized by him. They did not understand his submissive baby chomping behavior at all and just kept trying to eat him. Poor kid.


Then he went back to the Tree of Knowledge again for a few hours. He was definitely less enthusiastic about his protests on Day 2, and mostly just seemed put out. Welcome to life, kiddo. Isn’t the first time, won’t be the last. He never quite gave in completely and just relaxed, but there were no major theatrics or meltdowns, and he got to stand there and watch/hear all the goings-on of the horse show.

If horses had middle fingers…

After Henry was done with his jumper classes we went for another quick pony around the XC course, this time over to the little row of ditches. He just trotted right over, no big deal. Honestly, Henry was spookier about them than Presto was. We just might have a baby event horse on our hands here.

It was a great learning weekend for Presto, and fun to be able to take the boys somewhere together. Hopefully getting these types of experiences early in life will make him a way more solid citizen later on. For a yearling he’s already pretty darn good.

Oh, and this kid is in a growth spurt like you would not believe. He just keeps eating and eating and eating, but he’s only getting TALLER, not wider. He ate an entire bale of hay on Saturday! I don’t even know where it goes! Maybe some day he’ll decide to fill out a little?

26 thoughts on “Presto’s Big Weekend Adventure

  1. Sooo water (check), ditches (check), banks (check)… Nearly insurmountable amount of sass (check). Sounds like a baby event horse to me 😉


  2. bas ass presto again 🙂 HA and let’s hope he gets over his affinity for rolling in the water 🙂 Did he pull on you too much when he did stuff like that?? My shoulder just aches thinking about it.

    And Henry….how did Henry do at the show?? (I seem to remember a ribbon post on Instagram :))


    1. Presto really doesn’t pull much, he knows that doesn’t feel nice on the end of a rope halter. If he starts trying to pull I usually just do one quick sharp correction and he remembers. 😉 Henry’s weekend post will be tomorrow.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Noooo! I don’t like trying to keep event horses sound when they’re over 17h. I was kind of hoping he’d be more Henry sized, but I should have specified that I meant Henry sized at maturity, not Henry sized at 2yo…


    1. I wish I had one at home too. The barn owner did put in a high-tie tire along the back wall of the indoor, which I will be utilizing soon. Not quite as good as the tree, but now that I know he isn’t going to totally flip out, the tire will be getting some use.


  3. I am so impressed by Presto- that’s one heck of a brain he’s got there. And that may work to your favor, because he looks like he’s going to be HUGE


    1. If he’s anything like his mother he’ll do all of his growing for the entire year within a couple month period and then level out again. I hope so. I don’t want a giant.


  4. I can’t believe how big Presto is getting! He’ll be as tall as Henry in no time. What a great experience to give him so early on too. I absolutely think all of these outings will translate to a solid grown up.
    I imagine the tree of knowledge is must the same as the rope the cowboys keep in the middle of the indoor, yes? Meant for them to learn patience and all that good stuff? I’m lacking in accessible trees for such things, but when I had my stationary Hony I used to tie him to the ring fence. Worked pretty well until he figured out how to untie himself while I was riding around him.


  5. Bad A$$ Baby event horse.

    Also love the tree of knowledge. A safe way to teach them boundaries. All of my horses get to spend time with the tree of knowledge!


  6. I don’t usually watch IG stories, but the rolling in the water jump one made me laugh and laugh (and now I am laughing again). What a good solid citizen!


  7. Man I really wish we had a tree of knowledge at our barn! Or even just a Thinking Post. SO good for them. Also, presto wins the internet!


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