Best Of: Top 10 Search Terms

Back in the days when I actively watched my blog stats and made a real effort, I always looked through the “search terms” on a fairly regular basis. I was curious about all the different ways that people found my site – what they had searched for that somehow ultimately led them here. One time, a few years ago, I did a post with all the funniest search terms I had noticed. These days I don’t really actively look at that stuff very much anymore, but sometimes as I’m scrolling past, things catch my eye. One thing in particular got my attention the other day, which led me to looking through the search terms from 2018 so far. Oh my. There are some doozies. I thought they warranted a resurrection of the Best Search Terms post.

Image result for people are strange gif

The vast majority of them are what you’d expect – people googling the blog name, people looking for coupon codes, people wondering how to dye a saddle, or looking for specific product reviews. But sometimes you come across one that just really makes you raise your eyebrow for whatever reason. I picked my top 10 favorites out of those, set them in some awesome quote poster backgrounds, and here we are now.

Copy of Women Retro Vintage Quote Poster Template - Made with PosterMyWall

Like this one… I’m trying to imagine the person who typed this into their search bar. Is this a big problem in relationships? What did they decide to do? Did her logos get any better? I need closure on this.

Copy of Church FlyersInvitation - Made with PosterMyWall

I mean… I’m pretty sure I don’t do this very often, but… there there, here’s a kleenex.

Copy of Social Media Post - Made with PosterMyWall

Can’t really argue with that one, though. Accurate-apotamus.

Copy of Colorful quote template - Made with PosterMyWall

Did this person ask google to google this for him/her? And chew toys? Is that a thing?

Copy of Printable colorful wall art quote template - Made with PosterMyWall

99.9% sure I don’t want to know the motives behind this one, or why it led them to me.

Copy of spiritual poster - Made with PosterMyWall

Man, I really feel for the person who searched for this. Aren’t we ALL searching for answers like these? Will we ever find them? #deepthoughts

Copy of Stop bullying Motivational School poster template - Made with PosterMyWall


Copy of Winner - Made with PosterMyWall


Copy of Inspirational Poster Template - Made with PosterMyWall

I’m… not really sure what to think of this one. I mean, I do have horses, so…

And last but certainly not least, my personal favorite:Copy of Love Watercolor Wreath Print - Made with PosterMyWall

I dunno kid, but if you found out please come back and let the rest of us know.

28 thoughts on “Best Of: Top 10 Search Terms

  1. Guide to getting free pony:
    – look out window, find pony in yard
    – Find owner who declares they no longer want pony
    – Convince spouse pony is just visiting for a few days but needs a name just in case
    – keep pony

    I can’t believe you have forgotten the magical story of Betty Oops.


      1. Psssh according to you. According to what I tell husband she’s cost maybe $100 in the past 6 months.

        Actually that might be true because I basically don’t feed her anything I have to buy.


  2. People are very interesting. What do you use for your stats reports? I have been thinking about upgrading myself because I am curious what people search for and how they find me.


  3. Having worked as customer support for a company that made websites for TIRE DEALERS (i.e. I got asked every single day if they could just fax me the pictures they wanted up on their websites….), I am surprised by NOTHING anymore when it comes to people vs. the internet. That being said, horse ass-licking????? 😛 😀


  4. Mine are so awful… “girl with horse penis” … “girl cleaning horse penis”… ETC…. it’s like why did i write about sheath cleaning… WHY


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