Holes and Dangly Bits

So, funny story about Sadie’s filly, Madeline.

In that, well… it’s not. Because it’s a colt.


Poor Michelle. She’s never living this one down. I’ll make sure of it.

After everything that happened last year with Presto, anxiety was high this time around. I think she was so focused on getting and keeping a healthy foal that she never went back to verify her first cursory glance at the plumbing. And, in her defense, he IS a very pretty colt.


So imagine her surprise when she finally happened to catch him peeing, and well… there was a ween. Hence how Maddy is now Manny.

The new registered name options kept flowing all weekend, with such favorites as:

Misleading WTW

Misinterpreted WTW

Miss-ter WTW

Misconception WTW

Madeyalook WTW

Mansplained WTW

Mistaken Identity WTW

Masquerade WTW

Misunderstood WTW

I have to be honest, she told me this on Friday and I’m STILL having random hysterical fits of laughter. To the point where I’m crying and can’t breathe. Like I laughed so much that first day, my abs hurt all weekend.

Again, poor Michelle. She wanted a filly so badly so that she could keep it. But I can guarantee that from now on she’ll not only check, double check, and triple check under the tail for the number of holes, she’ll be on definite lookout for dangly bits. It’s a good thing that she has such a good sense of humor about everything and can laugh at herself too, cuz I’m sure as hell laughing.

Image result for its a boy gif

This does change the results of the baby bets contest though. The winner never actually contacted me to claim her prize, so I went back and re-calculated things and this bumped the runner-up into the winner’s spot. That works out.

And of course this makes Sadie 3 for 3 on colts, and means Presto has a little brother. So, uh, welcome Manny!

27 thoughts on “Holes and Dangly Bits

  1. OMG I was crying when I saw your post this weekend! I know we can all relate for silly stress-induced oversights but this one takes the cake šŸ˜€ So many great names to choose from too!


  2. Love Mistaken Identity…poor Michelle… Imagine what must have gone through her head when she realized it. šŸ˜±


  3. Oops, I may have been the MIA filly-picker. I was at the Kentucky 4 Star (my chosen moniker for the event-formerly-known-as-Rolex) and haven’t caught up with this blog until today. So glad that Manny is healthy and frolicking, be he colt or filly!


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