Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

You know when you’re like “I should probably stop doing this, it seems excessive.”? And then 5 seconds later you’re like NEEEHHHH it’s fine and keep doing it anyway? That’s me. About a lot of things right now.

Like… clothes shopping for Henry, for example. I KNOW, I was just talking last month about how this horse has way more clothes than any Texas horse should probably ever have. But in my defense, I did sell a blanket and a quarter sheet. And then bought a scrim. Because someone posted it late at night (which to me is like 9:30) on facebook and it’s my colors and technically I don’t have a scrim and also it’s new but half the price of retail so LEAVE ME ALONE.

I make no apologies for this, nor will I stop doing it. Maaaaay have also picked up another pair of BOT quick wraps for $40 on another late night facebook perusal too. Henry’s got a banging wardrobe.

On a similar note, it’s possible that this horse has 5 different kinds of treats in my tack trunk right now. Mostly because he’s a unicorn and saves my butt all the time, and our agreement is 100 cookies per butt save, which means I’m constantly in debt. Also because when treats are on sale I will always buy them. Hence how I ended up with 5 different kinds of treats.

Three of the five

I don’t see this as a problem. Neither does Henry.

Anyone who follows me on Insta is probably tired of seeing approximately 9 million cat photos or videos per day. She is definitely the star of my Instagram stories. I can’t help it, she’s freaking cute and does the dumbest, most adorable things.


I have no plans to change the level of cat content on my social media, nor will I apologize for it.

I also can’t seem to stop watching at extremely ridiculous hours on the weekends. They have so many live streams from Europe, everything from horse shows to stallion shows. If real tv was like that, I’d watch it all the time.

I mean who wouldn’t want to turn on their tv and swoon over Diacontinus at 5am on a Sunday? I originally signed up for the free one month trial of so I could have uninterrupted Saint Lo access, but honestly I think I might just keep it. 15 Euro a month seems reasonable for this level of entertainment when you’re as big a nerd as I am.

Remember those elastic surcingle belts that I made for myself when it was raining and I was bored? A few other people asked me to make one for them so I hopped online and ordered a few different elastics. Because options, ya know? Or… at least I thought I ordered a few different elastics.

When everything showed up last week, what I remembered as a few was apparently a dozen. And I also got both brass and sterling hardware, which… I don’t even remember ordering, but I did. Clearly I went out-of-body there for a minute and lost all impulse control. Guess I will be making a lot of belts.

20 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

  1. you may be a tiny bit excessive but we live through this to enjoy it all 🙂 More Grem yes please, more treats for Henry of course, that scrim sheet you had to buy it was in your colors etc. etc 🙂 HA!

    You may have bought a bit too much material for your belts though:) And you totally need the streaming so you can share with us.

    So keep on not stopping 🙂


  2. I second taking orders. The black and white elastic is SOO my style!! And I currently barrow my husband’s belt for lessons and shows. So it would be easily justifiable.


  3. More is more, but we definitely need more Gremmy. 💕 And Henny needs more treats. And you need more belts, stallions, and sleepless nights. Also more European stallions. And more horse clothes. Might as well just get another horse.

    Duh. 😝💳💸🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴


  4. At the risk of sounding cliché….. You only live once right? Buy the things! (This is my motto at the moment because when I’m able that PS of Sweden mint set is MINE. My Valentine’s day gift to myself that I haven’t bought myself yet lol). So I’m no help. Buy the belts. Have fun with them. Make them. Yay. lol

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    1. It wouldn’t be reversible once the hardware is on, since that only works one way, but the elastic itself can be used either way, so white on black or black on white.


  5. I approve of all of this. Don’t stop doing you. And never apologize for your horse having a great wardrobe!
    If you have extra, can you hook me up with one of those oilslick looking elastic belts (third from the left)? With brass? I can pay via paypal? Let me know 🙂 I really need to learn how to work a sewing machine. And maybe get one. I’d save an awful lot of money.


  6. Could I ask where you got the materials for the belts? I loved your DIY and wanted to be a copycat, but I couldn’t find elastic that is sturdy, wide, AND cute!


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