Review: Ovation Celebrity Euroweave breeches

If you’ve read any of my past breech reviews, you guys know that I am a big fan of the Ovation Aqua-X breeches. They’re comfortable, they’re flattering, and they’re super affordable.  They’re also very lightweight and cool, which is what I need here in Texas for at least 9 months of the year. But when we started talking about doing some foxhunting and I realized I needed to buy a pair of tan breeches (I am so completely assimilated as an eventer now that I legit did not have tan breeches anymore), I figured I should opt for something with a thicker fabric. Foxhunting is generally a cooler weather sport, after all.


So I reached out to my favorite Ovation rep and asked for recommendations. I liked the Aqua-X so much that I decided it was worth giving one of their other models a try. When I described what I was looking for (heavier fabric, but not an actual winter breech… there’s a lot of galloping involved, you warm up fast, and you’re in the saddle for a long time) she immediately recommended the Celebrity Euroweave.

I opted for the knee patch with a euro seat, since they were for hunting, in the regular length. The fit isn’t quite as good on me as the Aqua-X (which fit like they were made for me) in that the waist is just a little bit gappy. I have this problem a lot with breeches, since I carry more weight in my hips and thighs. They’re definitely a better fit in the waist than any of the Equine Couture, TuffRider, or Pipers that I’ve tried… the amount of gap is pretty similar to how Tailored Sportsman’s fit me. Other than that, the fit was pretty good, and they were definitely comfortable. They have my ever-coveted sock bottom, which has become a requirement for me, wide belt loops, and some cute piping detail at the pockets.

piping on the charcoal color

I tried them out for the first time at a tiny schooling show for a couple of dressage classes, and they were quite comfortable. The most impressive thing was how well they washed up afterwards. I am a huge pigpen and seem to just attract dirt, slobber, stains, and general yuck. I just threw these in the regular wash and they came out looking new again.

The next test was rolling them out for their intended use – hunting. One of the reasons the rep recommended this particular model was that they have a bit of a stretchier fabric that uses Dry-Tex™ technology to help wick away any moisture, making them a great choice if you’re going to be wearing them for long periods of time. I wore these things for 12 hours that day, 3 of which were mounted, and I never once thought about my breeches. To me that is the ultimate compliment. They were super comfortable, and the weight was perfect for galloping around in upper 50’s temps.

The Celebrity breeches come in knee patch and full seat, tons of color options, and regular and long lengths. At under $100, they’re a pretty solid buy for a cooler weather schooling breech or a mid-weight show breech (see-through, they are not!).

Image result for ovation celebrity boysenberry

Oh, and I did finally take the plunge and order some Aqua-X breeches in full seat. Verdict? I love them! Finally, a pair of full seats that I actually like. We look so legit at our dressage lessons now (j/k, we don’t, but hey at least we’ve got the right wardrobe).

10 thoughts on “Review: Ovation Celebrity Euroweave breeches

  1. I have a hard time biting the bullet on breeches. The way they fit me always kind of leaves me ugh. The tuff riders i like for winter but they are huge on me (I did buy a bigger size so i could A) Fit in them and B) fit long underwear under them). I need more breeches so will take a look though (and i do have a credit at RW burning a hole in my pocket still!). I can’t adjust to the fact you bought tan breeches though 🙂 HA HA HA


  2. I’ve become a big fan of Ovation breeches. Maybe not for showing (I am attached to my TS despite the velcro bottoms) but definitely for schooling. Which is all I do now anyway. My MOST favorite are the Taylored Euroweave breeches. They are supposed to be cut looser in the thigh and hips, but with a normal sized waistband. I have the same issue as you with my waist being smaller than my ass and thighs, and found these really do fit great. And I don’t feel like stuffed sausage like I do in some of the other brands.


    1. Their line has improved leaps and bounds in the past few years. It’s pretty diverse too, lots of different fabrics and cuts and colors and sizes. My closet is slowly being taken over by the Aqua-X.


  3. The Celebrity look exactly like the Ovations I have that have lasted for the past 5ish years. They still look amazing too!


  4. I LOVE Ovation Celebrity / Slim Secret breeches. I think they are one in the same, if not very similar in fit. My favorite by far!!!


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