Favorite Pictures of 2017

The timing here kind of works out perfectly with these end of year wrap up posts, since it’s cold and dreary in Texas and not much is happening with us. Henry update: spooky, cheeky, WILD little turd. God I love him. There ya go, you’re current on his situation.

We kicked off my 2017 review posts yesterday with a few of my favorite things from the year. A lot of people also do recap posts with a quick month-by-month summary of events to hit all the key points of what went down. If you want that, I have an archive feature over in the sidebar where you can view all the posts by month. I feel like most of you who read along at least semi-regularly probably remember the general gist of what all happened though. Dunno what it felt like to y’all, but to me it felt something like this:

Image result for roller coaster gif

Tomorrow we can talk about my general overall feelings about the year and what I learned. Fair warning, things get heavy. But for today let’s take a little bit more of a fun approach to the regular year in review post. Instead of trying to write up a summary of each month, I went back through my Instagram and facebook and pulled out my TWO very most favorite horse-related pictures per month for the year. They may or may not be the best photos in some cases, or the prettiest, but they’re the ones that really sum it up best.


First “real” Training CT. Thought I might die. Didn’t.
Handsomest boy showing off his new Boy o Boy Bridleworks browband and Lund bridle. He makes my heart go pitter patter.


just a lesson day, but Henry was jumping like such a beast
Second Training and his face is so cute I can’t even. He was SO keen that day (a little too keen when he rocket launched over fence 2).

March (ready for the seismic shift in focus?)

one of the top 3 moments of my entire life, hands down, when I saw that little white foot and little white nose for the first time
Day 2 of his chlostridium fight and Presto had already defied overwhelming odds to survive that first night when no one thought he would. It was still a long rough road from here, and things got worse again before they got better, but at this point I was just overwhelmingly glad he was still with us. I’d gone to bed the night before thinking I wouldn’t have a Presto anymore by the time I woke up, and my heart was broken. He was about to prove to all of us what a fighter really looks like.


When Presto’s vet sent me this beautiful picture of his first semi-solid poop since the whole Chlostridium mess started. This was monumentous – it was the first real sign we’d gotten that we might actually win this. It also shows how dedicated – and personally invested – his team was in his recovery.
Presto’s first morning back at the farm after being released from the hospital. I remember flying downstairs first thing with my heart in my throat, terrified of what I would find, and as soon as I opened the stall door he stuck his little head up and trumpeted a loud neigh at me in greeting.Β  ❀

Okay that’s already two for April but I made the rules so I can break them too… one of my very favorite pics of Sadie and Presto was taken in April.

both of my babies!


that one time he was chunky for a minute
This awesome little horse came off the back burner and proved he’s always game for anything – even derbies.


aaaand Presto is sick again, this time with rhodococcus. Luckily he responded favorably to the meds and started to make a slow but sure recovery (with the help of a body clip to help keep his body temp down).
Yes this is a shitty screen grab from a video. Hear me out. This corner used to freak me the eff out, but at our second Training HT Henry marched right around the respectably large/technical XC course double clear. I started thinking that maybe we really did belong at this level. Plus Michele was visiting from Delaware and she came to cheer us on!


Remember when Presto was 4 months old and looked like a real horse? Yeah… that was fleeting. He was cute for like 2 days though!
miiiiiiight be my favorite pic of the whole year… derp on derp crime.


A new jump saddle meant a return to o/f work, highlighted by a gymnastics lesson on my birthday!
We got to meet pony jumper stallion Usandro (and his owner) in France! Which hatched into a plan that is coming to fruition soon…


Oh man, September. This was a big month. This one gets 3 pics too. Sue me.

Michelle and I totally fangirled over Olympic showjumping stallion Emerald while we were in Belgium. His groom and owners let us do it with no judgment, so clearly this is a normal occurrence for them.
Henry and I did our first USEA recognized Training, and XC almost felt a little TOO easy. He blazed right around like he thought he was The Shit, and I was thrilled with how confident and professional he felt. It was so fun, and this is the point where I thought I finally had a LEGIT event horse on my hands!
Presto got inspected, branded, microchipped, and registered with sBs! Little baby horse officially became “Like Magic WTW” and scored an 8 for his walk and 8.5 for his trot and canter.


I got to take Advanced horse Lofty (the unicorn) for a spin at Pine Hill! Did I photoshop him to look like that or is it true to life? You’ll never know.
Henry proved that fuzzy ears and a natural nose can still be damn handsome


I did the one thing I swore I wasn’t gonna do and entered Texas Rose’s recognized Training. It was definitely the biggest course we’ve faced yet, but Henry proved yet again that he is a ma-cheen and seemed to have a grand time skipping around cross country. We’ve got a lot of work to do in the other two phases, but this day right here was the highlight of my riding career to date. I’ve never been more proud of a horse in my life.
Presto proved that he definitely takes after his Uncle Henry in the mareglare department. He also solidly crossed over into the yearling uglies and everything got really A-W-K-W-A-R-D looking.


HOLY SHIT WE JUMPED THE PRELIM WAGON! Another major milestone moment for us. Well for me anyway, Henry wasn’t nearly as impressed by it as I was.
AND we got to go foxhunting, another big bucket list item for me!

A year of ups and downs for sure, but luckily a lot more ups than downs. I started the year with one fantastic unicorn creature and now I’m oh-so-incredibly-lucky enough to have two. I love my boys, and can’t wait to see what next year brings with them. ❀

21 thoughts on “Favorite Pictures of 2017

  1. I am not lying I got tears and chills seeing the Presto photos again. The up and down of last March and April and onward were just intense and he is not even my horse and I was 1600 miles away. Love all the Henry photos too but Presto pulls my heart EVERY TIME. What a year for you!! Roller coaster gif is just putting it mildly! Happy New Year!!


  2. I loved this. I enjoyed seeing your year for the ups and downs, but watching you continue your journey and getting on with it! Such determination and you gotta admire that!
    That wagon looks full on mate. Go you !!!
    Mel x


  3. Love this idea, and might have to steal it. This year was really one I don’t want to spend too much time looking back through. 😦

    That photo of Henry from October? Oh man. What a handsome dude!


  4. My cold little heart broke for you so many times this year, and I’m so glad that things turned around for you guys. Super impressed with all you’ve accomplished with Henry this year, especially with everything you had going on with Presto. What a year.


  5. This is a great year in review idea! I am a new follower so I need to go back and read your struggles with Presto. My best friend’s baby had a Chlostridium “mess” too and unfortunately it did not go as well for her and she lost the baby. So glad that Presto was able to make it though!


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