Every weekend should be a long weekend

I formally propose a new 2.5 day work week with a 4.5 day weekend, because that was awesome. Who’s with me?

I don’t think he’s with me

I’d like to sit here and say that I got a lot accomplished, but I really didn’t. Updating that massive Black Friday sales list (which I made the final update to this morning and swear to god I’m so done) took up a lot of my time on Thursday and Friday, but otherwise I was kind of just lazy. I haven’t been home much lately, and I very rarely get days where I have genuinely NOTHING to do, so it was a nice change of pace.

We didn’t have any Thanksgiving plans, which I’m totally cool with because it’s not anywhere near the top of my list of favorite holidays. We’re those shitty people that showed up at Boston Market specifically to get like 10 gallons of mashed potatoes, only to find out they’d just closed. No worries, we traipsed across the street to the grocery store and made it out of there AS they were locking the doors, with mashed potatoes in hand. Because really, mashed potatoes are the only part of Thanksgiving that I care about.

Otherwise I spent a lot of time hanging out with the furkids in between stalking sales and buying stuff (I escaped with relatively little harm done, but we’ll talk about that tomorrow once it’s all over). Grem seems to have developed a sudden affection for Stewie. Well… biting him, mostly. But then she cuddles up to him and he seems to not mind too much.

too cute, can’t handle

I also got to ride Henry totally uninterrupted for 6 days in a row. After day 4 he was looking at me like “oh boy… it’s you again…” so I think he’s earned today off. Plus it’s been pretty hot for him, to the point where I’ve been questioning my decision to do an Irish clip instead of a hunter clip. He grows SO MUCH hair that he’s standing out there borderline sweating in the 80 degree temps. But apparently a cold front is on the way, so if he can just hang in there a little longer, I think he’ll be a lot happier. Right now he’s just kind of dull and blah.

except for selfies

I DID finally go out to my jump field and move all my jumps around. I only had 2 set up before, and I had to get a little creative with jump materials, but now I have 6. It’s much closer to having a real course, anyway, and I brought home my 3 broken standards so I can get them back in serviceable condition. It’s kind of exciting to have a course set up again, although now it hasn’t rained in so long that the ground is a bit hard for my liking.

I also started (for real this time) putting out more feelers for pasture board situations for Presto. I’ve not had a whole lot of luck so far, but I do have one place to go look at this weekend. I was kind of hoping I would have more options than this, but this part of Texas is not cheap. I’ll keep looking though… I remain convinced that the situation I’m looking for is out there somewhere.

So even though maybe I wasn’t the most productive person in the world over the long weekend, it was a nice little break from work and all that other mumbo-jumbo.

What have you guys been up to with your time off?

10 thoughts on “Every weekend should be a long weekend

  1. oH i am with you on the 2.5 work week. UGH i was so depressed coming back to work!! And love your jump course, so cute. I spent a lot of money cause of you thank you very much. Otherwise, spent time with rednecks (Family no offense to rednecks anywhere) and came home early just so I could go on a paper chase. Thanks for doing the sales posts. I thought that must be exhausting!! (And Gremlin is like Peeves with the dogs that is what Peeves does to Ollie, bite then love. 🙂


  2. I managed to get through your list unscathed. But the “current customer special deal” from Connected Rider lead to poor life choices on my part. Whatever, life’s short, buy the boots!
    Other than that, I got to ride in the daylight FOUR DAYS IN A ROW! It was glorious. I even got to jump! Might be the last time before the ground gets too hard.
    Where can we submit that plan for consideration? I’m down for a shorter work week. I had a long torturous full day Wednesday full of insane customers that wait for the last minute, but even 4 day weekends would work for me. I’m not greedy!


  3. Just finished an exhaustive search for basic field board and have decided I’d rather shop for saddles. Srsly. It’s the worst. Where are those magic unicorn people looking for a pretty pony to fill up that empty spot in their backyard pasture?! Argh.


  4. Doing nothing is the best. That’s basically what I did for my whole vacation to Mexico and it was terrific. I’ll sign a petition for a shorter work week! I work 4-10s so I can have 3-day weekends and it is the best. I only wish I had the horses closer to home so I didn’t have to commute to them on the weekends.


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