Dressage on ice

Do you ever have one of those moments of extreme clarity when you’re like “I really am a special kind of stupid”? That was me last night.

Henry agrees

There’s nothing like a 40 degree temperature drop plus wind and misty rain to liven up your biweekly dressage lesson. Or test your resolve and dedication to this idiotic (and futile) pursuit of circle-trotting perfection.

Ok maybe I’m over-simplifying the objective of dressage.

And maybe I’m being dramatic about the temperature. There was no ice. Not even close. It was 48. Not pleasant, but not too terribly miserable. Granted, it was 88 a couple days ago so my thighs and butt were numb all the same.

wouldn’t even look at me

I was a little concerned I might have a lot of airs above ground, so I got on early and walked for a while. I definitely had some forward but Henry was surprisingly not that tense or silly, aside from pretending to spook at the poles on the ground (which is kind of embarrassing when you’re on an event horse at a dressage barn).

After a short warmup we went straight to two-track work, where we quickly displayed that if it’s possible to do something, it’s also possible to OVERdo something, and we got dinged for too much angle in the shoulder-in. Look, Henry has decided he’s super good at sideways, ok?

He had a little bit of a tantrum when we got to haunches in on a circle. And by tantrum I mean he tried to root down hard against my hands and trot quickly away, like a horse’s version of clamping his hands over his ears and going LALALALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU.

Image result for lalala can't hear you gif

Unfortunately for him I’m more stubborn than he is, so he ended up doing the exercise anyway (albeit with a lot of sasstail).

When we got to the canter work, Dressage Trainer threw out this little tidbit: “think of getting him to take longer strides with the hind legs”… which… are all of the people I ride with co-conspiring behind my back or something, because he’s literally the THIRD professional in the last month that has thrown out that exact idea.

Image result for suspicious gif

I became even more convinced of a conspiracy when we were walking out afterwards and I joking told Dressage Trainer that I was gonna try not to die at Texas Rose this weekend. He barely even hesitated before he said “Well if you do, I’ll take Henry”. Jokes on him, because Event Trainer staked her claim a long time ago and she’s way meaner than he is so there’s no way he’d win that fight. But really though… I’m starting to get paranoid about their motives…


11 thoughts on “Dressage on ice

    1. It’s kind of a hilarious invasion for a big horse to make… such a pony-esque thing. Like, really, you think you’re going to drag me over there and pull my butt out of the saddle? Right. Ok. Let me know when you’re done with your tantrum.

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  1. Are you flattered? Because I would be extremely flattered if the professional trainers told me flat out they want my horse….
    I really love Henry´s face in that pic btw. So much glare. Does he ever get pissed that it doesn´t intimidate you atl all? Or anyone else for that matter?
    Oh and: not to derail or anything but: how´s Presto? I am on withdrawal….


  2. I had the exact same thought yesterday when the weather went from 70s/sunny to 50/rainy overnight and I decided to take my freshly clipped 4 year old to his first ever show. We survived though and I’m glad you did too!


  3. That’s Rio’s evasion too! In his old age, I don’t ask for, well, anything really. But every now and then when I ask for trot, he actually takes all the reins and proceeds to try and pull me over his head. I should probably stop laughing when he does it and actually tell him that’s bad…
    Hey, at least you know you have a nice horse if all of the trainers are trying to off you for him!


  4. It is 10 degrees here (0 with windchill) and we are under a Lake Effect Snow Warning. Can you feel my skink-eye through the interwebz? So much stink-eye.


  5. Henry has such a hard life. HA I think he would much prefer just to come live with me and eat cookies and hack than anything your evil trainers want to do with him 🙂 Good luck this weekend!


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