All I want for Christmas is

…a Yeti cooler.

Roadie 20

Before you get too shocked about it not being an actual horse-related item (if I ever stop asking for horse-related stuff for the holidays it’s fair to assume I’ve been bodysnatched), I specifically want it for horse shows. Mostly to keep ice for Henry’s ice boots so I don’t have to worry about it the morning of cross country. That’s normal, right? I don’t need anything huge, just the Roadie 20 or the Tundra 35 would work. I don’t even care what color it is. Ok that’s a lie, they should make one in navy, but they don’t.

The serendipitous thing about this is that the SO gets employee discounts on Yeti stuff through his work, so he can buy me one! So thoughtful, I am. He hates buying me horse-related presents so I think I won’t tell him why I actually want the cooler. We’ll just let him think that I’ll use it for normal things like food and drinks.

Image result for normal gif

Otherwise, my dad is taking us all to Utah for Christmas, which I’m pretty excited about. Maybe it’ll be snowy? Hopefully we can hit some of the national parks and do a little hiking. Christmas mini-vacay!

The only thing left is to figure out what to ask me to buy for myself (because I buy myself the best presents). I think Henry is going to get the Back on Track quarter sheet (shhh don’t tell him), so we’ll see what else tickles my fancy on Black Friday. I have become weirdly obsessed with this checked vest at Riding Warehouse. It’s so… lumberjack chic. And I dunno about y’all, but I definitely want to be lumberjack chic.

But I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting a pair of my beloved Aqua X breeches in a full seat, for cooler weather. They’re definitely not winter breeches, but maybe the full seat would make them workable for Texas’ version of winter?

There are a few things I actually do need to buy that I’ve been putting off, like more poultice, brown spur straps, new clipper blades, etc… we’ll see what “fun” thing jumps in the cart along the way!

As for Presto, he’s getting a box of toys and either a blanket or a leather yearling halter with a nameplate that he can grow into. I haven’t decided yet. I mean, what does a scruffy, awkward weanling/yearling really NEED anyway? Besides manners.

Image result for manners gif
I have a feeling this is how the next 4-5 years are gonna go

Did you guys figure out what you’re asking for for the holidays yet?

26 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is

  1. My mom just asked me this question the other day and I didn’t have much of an answer. Maybe a new fitness tracker? I just don’t know, I can’t think of much I want or need right now.


  2. Just fyi I don’t care for my aqua x full seats. The fabric is amazing but the seat doesnt… move? Flex? Dunno…with you enough? It’s just odd in how the fabric flexes with you and the seat just wont. Also the cut seems to highlight everyone’s crotch out of the saddle no matter who wears them. I want to love them, we try to get them to fit anyone at the farm and they just won’t. I periodically put them back on and immediately go nope, and tale them off. Not happy with these and I’m an Ovation breech whore having 5 different full seat styles of theirs that i ride in all the time.


    1. I ultimately disliked every full seat I’ve ever worn so I have no idea how to even guess what I might like anymore. At least RW has a good return policy if they fit weird!


    2. I loooooove my Aqua X full seats. I did find that they ran a size small and the long versus regular lengths have vastly different cuts. The regular length has a slightly lower rise and are baggier, so they probably fit true to size but the long length I definitely had to go up one size and they fit perfectly.

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  3. I have an impressive RW list for Black Friday. Any idea if they’ll do the 50% off again? That was the most amazing ever. If so, Joey is getting the GIANT ball with cover and new buckets/polo wraps for show season, in turquoise of course. Honestly the list is pretty predominantly turquoise. haha. Some whitening shampoo too…and some riding gloves for me because I have none. All the things pretty much.


  4. I desperately need winter breeches for the IHSA shows I’m doing. In January. In Michigan. Help. I tried ordering a pair from Amazon but that didn’t work out too well for me, so to the tack shop I shall go!


  5. New riding boots. Mine are finally, definitively, on their way out, after going above and beyond their projected lifespan for years now. I’m going to try on a bunch at Equine Affaire and see where to go from there.


  6. LOVE my yeti. It is a horse show life saver and keeps me well stocked all weekend long and then some. Def a good request.

    Haven’t decided what is on the list this year. I dont really need anything except you know all the things related to having a child but that isn’t very fun 😂 I’m thinking maybe an embroidery machine so I can put the farm logo among other things on all the things. Might be an easy local side gig too – we’ll see.

    Also would love to send Annie off to the trainer for a few months as baby arrival comes. But $$$.


    1. I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few horse shows with Hillary and she graciously lets me stow some stuff in her Yeti. It’s amazeballs.


  7. Asking for the scarlett red Majyk Equipe XC Boots-they had a good discount for Windermere Run HT competitors-so hoping they got ordered by the parents! Otherwise-could use a few more pairs of breeches, and a new vest-may have to go Lumberjack also-I love that!
    Hopefully will be ordering a new dressage saddle in the next few months-that’s good for the next few Christmases!


  8. There’s a pretty strong chance I just ordered the boys a whole lumberjack chic outfit from etsy… Quarter sheet (sorry it’s fleece) saddle pads, bonnets and polos. It’s red and black, but I already have minor regrets that I should have gone with green and black. But I already have red and black warm outfits for me, so I clearly it was a financially sound decision. Happy Chanukah to them! My point is, love that vest and you definitely need it.
    As for brown spur straps, check out Mane Jane’s selection! They’re super fun.


    1. I was looking at the $9 brown Camelot ones. Spur straps are the one thing I’ve never been able to force myself to spend actual money on. I am boring like that! I do like the anchor ones though.


  9. A new pair of Dubarry’s are at the top of my list. Mine have finally bit the dust which makes me soooooo sad.

    Granted I never took the best care of them, and I wear them EVERY day, for everything, from Septmeber till Mayish. And then only to the barn when its wet. They’ve lasted just over 3 years now. Which is good when they aren’t meant for the extreme’s I’ve put them through and the little attention they have gotten!


  10. Well. I just bought a saddle earlier this week… So probably good on major horse purchases lol And I have another big….thing…coming at the end of November. And just made another horse-focused power tool purchase… And we’re taking a Christmas-but-after-Christmas trip to the Florida Keys for a week… So no gifts for me probably! Boyfriend will be fulfilling a solid “honey-do” list though which is going to include making me a few XC jumps. The joys of dating a contractor!


  11. I doubt the full seat will make much difference in warmth, but on the other hand, Tack of the Day has the knee patch version on sale in beige and charcoal.
    Personally, I want to try out one of the Shoulder Relief Girths now that they come in synthetic (because I have no use for girths I can’t hose down). Just waiting on RW to come through with a holiday sale!


  12. My husband won a yeti cooler, brought it with me to Meadow Creek, left my house Saturday morning, still had ice when I got home Sunday. Great cooler, kept my wine cool, I should have put my Ice Boots in there too…forethought, ain’t got none.


  13. We have both Yeti and RTIC coolers. For the money, the RTIC is your best bet. They are WAY cheaper (unless your SO’s discount is REALLY good). Same with the tumbler cups. My RTIC and Magellan cups keep ice just as good as my yeti. And the Magellan was 12.99 to Yeti’s 39.99 price tag. Just a thought. 😊


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