Review: It’s a Haggerty’s custom sunshirts

As a Texan, I pretty much live in sunshirts 9-10 months out of the year. They’re an absolute staple down here in the mega-hot-death-ray-sun South, and I own a ridiculous number of them. I’ve tried just about every brand by now, and figured out exactly what I like and don’t like. And since I already have so many, it’s a challenge to find ones that are different and interesting. Enter It’s a Haggerty’s.

I’d seen this brand on Instagram for quite a while, with all of their fun custom patterns and trims and colors. But I’m picky about sunshirt fabric, so I was hesitant to take the plunge on ordering anything custom for fear that I’d end up hating it. I finally was able to see them in person at Rolex and was pleasantly surprised to find that the fabric, while a bit thicker than my favorite Kastels, was quite nice – almost silky feeling. I nabbed one from the Plaid Horse booth to take home with me to test out.


I was glad that I was able to see them in person, because the sizing definitely runs a bit small. I normally wear a medium Kastel but needed a large It’s a Haggerty’s. I quite like the sleeve construction – they have some extra length in the arm and a true cuff, for good coverage and a nice slim fit. I’ve found that if there isn’t a true cuff I’ll end up pushing the sleeves up out of annoyance, which kind of defeats the whole point of a sunshirt. As spring turned into summer I found that the shirt performed admirably in the heat. Not quite as “cooling” as the fabric of the Kastel, but certainly better than the Bette & Court, Ariat, and Riding Sport shirts. The fabric has held up well to my abuse, and the construction is solid.

When there were requests for sunshirts with the Presto logo, I went straight to It’s a Haggerty’s. Not only do they have a million customization options, they also offer cheap embroidery. Typically for large orders they do big batches of the same shirt for barns or teams, so I felt kind of guilty when I sent in my cobbled together order of 11 different Presto shirt and embroidery color combinations plus 2 sBs shirts. I’m sure that was a nightmare, but fast forward a couple months and everything arrived looking great.

The shirts are $60-65 depending on solid vs patterned, and embroidery is $15 (although there are discounts for bulk orders). There was no extra set-up or digitization fee for the logos I sent. Overall they’re very competitively priced for the market. There are so many color and pattern options that it almost becomes impossible to choose just one or two combinations. On one hand I wish there was a fun little configurator on the website to make it easier to envision what it’ll look like, but on the other hand I’m glad there isn’t or I’d probably own a dozen of these things by now.

I’m reserving my Presto shirt – navy with yellow plaid cuffs/collar – mostly for cross country at shows, so that Presto gets to “ride along” with us. Yeah, I’m cheesy. I also ordered one with a Willow Tree logo on one side and sBs logo on the other, which gets tons of compliments every time I wear it. If you’re looking for something custom, or some fun patterns and color combinations, I would definitely check out It’s a Haggerty’s. I haven’t been disappointed!

18 thoughts on “Review: It’s a Haggerty’s custom sunshirts

  1. Love my Presto one. It was cool and comfy (only wore it at FH so far) so even if i might have looked like a sausage in it (They do run a bit snug I think i ordered an extra large and it is not tight but it is not loose either!). It washes up well too. I love it and might need to order one or two more. the logo looks great and the color while not as purple as i wanted is a different spin and i love the navy highlights. Considering i pretty much made Amanda design my shirt, she did an excellent job. I agree the material is very soft…and silky. And the sleeves are perfect not annoying long or annoying short. I give it two thumbs up. Oh the length is great too again not too short (hideous) or two long!! I am glad I had my arm twisted to get one HA! 🙂 I do love the cuffs on your Presto one. very cute!


  2. Full disclosure, I haven’t tried mine on yet, it just arrived Wednesday. But I LOVE it! And can’t wait to wear it. I need to figure out a barn logo so I can get some Winthrop Corner ones made up. My family would totally want them for the holidays right?


  3. I really liked Michelle’s. I totally want one of this as I hate sun hiss but I’ve been too busy spending money on “important” shit like a saddle and all new blankets. Right.


  4. Been waiting for this review since I saw you had some. I can’t get my hands on these anywhere local so its kind of hard to buy new things without touching them.

    It’s funny how different types of heat/humidity/people affect things. I find my Ariat to be way more cooling then my Kastel, but still prefer the Kastel for fabric and fit. They are the only two brands of sun shirts that I own, that I will wear when its actually hot here. Noble outfitters is just terrible and whatever the other brand is, is just way too thick!


    1. Gosh, I find my Kastel to almost be COLD when it gets super soaked with sweat (which is like, always) and a breeze hits it. I usually can’t drive home from the barn with the AC on or I find my teeth chattering. Most of the others just feel heavy and clingy when they’re super wet with sweat. I actually like my Noble Outfitters one quite a bit too, it’s nice and thin. I think they have a couple different models/fabrics though. The IAH fabric is closest to the Tailored Sportsman fabric, IMO.


      1. Mine are clingers! And I hate it. When the sweat actually starts to dry it is almost like that but when I am damp it’s pretty nasty.

        I have the Ashley NO shirt and it just sticks and is SO thick. I can’t wear it anymore because just wearing it makes me sweat!


  5. I got the pink/blue paisley one last summer, and I love it! It’s so well made, slim cut with LONG sleeves which I love, since I generally wear an XS but have monkey arms so everything ends up being 7/8 sleeves. I’m definitely going to order at least one of the new floral patterns, hoping they have a black friday/small business saturday sale this year!


  6. Yes, it’s a great shirt! I was so glad you warned me about the fit as we were exchanging emails on sizing and colors, because I usually wear a medium and got a large and it’s almost a little small in places! It’s a slim fit, though and I think it looks really fancy. The sleeves are actually a little too long for me and a bit annoying, and while I was worried about the fabric being thicker than my Kerrits, the shirt worked great these last few days! And LOVE all the customizable options….I’m going to end having like 10…


  7. I have a navy blue one with burberry-type plaid on the collar and cuffs from The Plaid Horse and I love it, though I do think Kastel takes the cake for me. The IAH tops are SO silky soft, but are a bit snug for me preference. Though, I do love a good customizable shirt.


  8. I bought one on sale from their Etsy shop about 2 weeks ago. I typically wear a small and tho I found the fit pretty snug, I prefer my shirts a bit tighter rather than looser, so this would be the sizing I stick with. I like the material and mine is a pretty gray with pink underarms/zipper. I really like the sturdiness of the zipper/collar/cuffs. Will be buying from them again!


  9. I have a good friend who runs a Su shirt monogramming shop, and I remember how excited she was when these came in. I unfortunately seem to be in between a small and a medium, where the small is like sausage casing and the medium is just a bit too big in the shoulders. I loved the variety though and the different patterns they offered.


  10. How do they compare to the EIS shirts? I’m thinking the IAH might be a good fall/spring option in Texas when I want to be a slight big cozier than my EIS shirts are.


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