Epic Europe Adventure Part 2: ponies, rosè, and carbs 

I left off yesterday when we were in our hotel in La Bouille, France, getting ready to head out to see some more ponies and then head to dinner. Earlier in the day we saw the stallion Usandro, owned by Elevage Alias (Milèna). Now we were headed out to the other farm where all of the other Alias sportponies live.

Like Addi, a French national champion a couple times over


I have to say, I wish we had the niche for these kinds of ponies in the US. These aren’t fat, lazy little plugs that tote Susiekins around the 2’6″. These are basically pony sized showjumpers. In Europe they put kids on these little Ferraris that are talented, forward, athletic, and sometimes a bit cheeky. They’re fast and can JUMP, and these kids are pretty great little riders. I’m not sure I’d have the balls to gallop a pony around 1.15m courses with the pedal to the metal, but they do. Such a different world, with how they bring up their young riders. These ponies are NICE, and there is a solid market for them here. Lots of pony-only jumper classes, even pony-only Grand Prix. We totally need to get on this bandwagon, both for kids and for smaller adults.

Best hair in France

Top Secret before she was preggo

Aside from the very fancy ponies and adorable babies, the barn itself was so charmingly European. Stone wall barn with straw-bedded boxes, a nice little arena, covered walker, conditioning track, and this, my favorite feature:

A cold stream with a little stall-sized pen, where the horses can hang out and soak their legs after a hard work. If that’s not amazing, I dunno what is. Who do I have to kill to get one of those?

After our tour, and meeting all the ponies and babies (omg poneh bebehs) 

Our host and one of her 2017 foals

we had some nice rosè at the farm before heading into town for a fantastic dinner: steak, gratin dauphinois, and a salted caramel macaron for dessert. So much yaaaaas. Milena from Elevage Alias was a fantastic host, we had a great time! But by that point we’d been up for like 42 hours, so we collapsed back at the hotel and got a good solid 7-8 hours sleep.

My attempt at a panoramic of the Seine in La Bouille

This morning we drove back into Belgium to Bruges. Nothing horsey today, just being tourists in a really freaking COOL gothic-style town. I absolutely love it here and MUST come back when I can stay a bit longer.

Hey there, red poodle in the hotel courtyard
Bruges city center

Our two main goals for Bruges were waffles and frites, and we’ve accomplished both of those. I might barf, but I have no regrets.

Frites with pepper sauce and Belgian hot chocolate, aka dinner

Tomorrow we’re back on the road headed east toward Germany, with a stop or two along the way to look at some more stallions. 

This is so fun, y’all.

24 thoughts on “Epic Europe Adventure Part 2: ponies, rosè, and carbs 

  1. MORE FOOD PHOTOS. Because I literally have bread and yogurt in my house right now and that’s it, and I am a glutton for punishment. 😛 Also waffles are my favorite food so I basically hate you right now.

    P.S. You don’t have to tell ME how awesome ponies are.


    1. We need to figure out a way to bring these fancy AF pony jumper classes/market to the US. It should be a thing that we do over there. We are working on a way to get Usandro frozen available for US breeders. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. glad you are fortifying yourself with food and ponies!! Have fun!! is it coolish over there??? More photos please of all! As someone else said us poor slobs left behind have to live thru your blog 🙂


  3. EURO PONIES!!! Ugh how I wish there was more of a market for ponies like that in the US! They’re definitely getting more popular for dressage riders, but I don’t think that type of jumper pony will ever have a place here in America… 😦


    1. I think the event riders would love this type of pony crossed on a TB or WB mare. Smaller horse, easier for an amateur to ride, but so much ability. They’re so incredibly sporty and move like big horses. But I think you’re right that the hj world is a lost cause. 🙄


  4. Ah yes. Summer in western Europe. Mid-80s one day, 50 the next. We love it.
    Those ponies are amazing jumpers, those are some nicely tucked front legs.
    Sport pony breeding has a great tradition here in Germany as well….they are pretty much GP horses for kids. And a devious pony brain.
    Hopefully better weather tomorrow though temps will be dropping a bit more. Have good drive to Germany!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Small adult over hear LUSTING over the jumper ponies. I don’t have a lot of leg so I ❤ a go button and an animal I actually wrap some leg around!! Can you please put one in your carry on for me?

    Your trip looks lovely and now I am hungry. For waffles and fries and ice cream. Not gonna be able to ride any ponies if I eat like that though…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OMG, historic buildings, ponies, and food porn 😍 Agree with the more food pics comment. Glad you are having a great trip!


  7. I really, really wish we had more of a market for these ponies as well over here. We’re starting to get some really well bred ponies over here but nothing like the amount of amazing pony breeders in europe.


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