Henry’s Summer Essentials

Guess what? It’s still hot here. After however many days over 100 degrees (I think I stopped counting at 30) so far this year, it’s to the point where it seems like it’s just always been this hot, will always be this hot, and therefore there’s no point in even complaining about it anymore. Hopefully in another month or so it’ll finally start to cool off. Like, below 95 degrees, because no matter what the weatherman insists on saying, you can’t call it a “cold front” when the high is still 98.

When I made my latest Riding Warehouse order last week, as I was clicking through I happened to land on my Past Orders page, and leafing through them made me laugh a bit. I definitely tend to buy the same things over and over, especially during the warmer months. I guess you could call them Henry’s summer essentials.

Pyranha fly spray

Henry must be really tasty or something, because Pyranha is the only brand of fly spray that actually gives him any relief from the bugs for any extended period of time. I used to exclusively use the oil-based version in the yellow container, but this year I tried the water-based version and it worked just as well for him, without the oily residue that the yellow one can leave. Our fly season really is from like March until November, so I just buy this stuff by the gallon to make it more economical.

Himalayan salt block

Henry has one of these in his stall year-round, but he really really loves it in the summer. He stands there after dinner, eyes closed, in front of his fan, licking his salt block, almost like he’s in a weird zen state. I go through about one a month during the summer, but he always drinks well and sweats well, so I’m not complaining. With these I don’t feel the need to put him on any additional electrolytes during the hot months. I tend to buy these like 3-4 at a time so I have a constant supply.

extra points for the “model” horse looking like Henry

Cashel fly mask

This is definitely an essential for Henry, although I haven’t had to order one in a while. By some miracle Henry is on summer number THREE with the same fly mask. It’s finally starting to look a little frayed around the eyes and the elastic on the strap has stretched out, so we’ll probably replace it next year. I’m pretty thrilled to have gotten three years out of a pretty cheap mask though (and they’re on sale right now – only $15!).

Zephyr's Tea Tree Tonic Anti-Fungal Spray

Zephyr’s Garden anti-fungal spray

Typically I get this stuff from Teddy’s Tack Trunk, and the bottle I just got a couple months ago is already on it’s last few drops. I use it every single day to keep all the various summer skin funks and itches away, and it works fabulously for Henry. This stuff and fly spray are probably the most used items in my tack trunk. I’m also interested in trying out the Leave it Bee spray from the same company, at least for his face (during allergy season he tends to rub his face a lot), but haven’t yet.  It has tea tree too, which seems to be the magic elixir for Henry.

German horse muffins

This is Henry’s main contribution to the list… he wouldn’t let me put up his “essentials” without including cookies. He loves these soft treats (like Stud Muffins or Uncle Jimmy’s), and I’m a fan of ones that I can easily tear into smaller chunks. At $22 for a 6lb bag, compared to $20 for a 3lb bucket of Uncle Jimmy’s, or $28 for a 6lb bag of Stud Muffins, these are the best value for this type of treat, and Henry LOVES them.


What are your favorite products to help you and your horse get through the summer?


14 thoughts on “Henry’s Summer Essentials

  1. Remus has two salt rocks hanging in his stall now. He does the same thing Henry does goes into a zen after eating. And his one has been almost gone for a week now so I finally hung the second one up.I usually have 2 in my box but am out now so thanks for the reminder I need to order more!!

    Flies have not been too bad this year here for once. We have had such a wet summer the mosquitos and gnats are worse. I go from Repel X to just other fly sprays as they are on sale because again not bad. Other years I did buy by the gallon.

    Remus seems to be pretty scrape proof/allergy free (aka wash and wear horse) so otherwise besides his fly mask (He is on his 2nd year with that too how did that happen) and his muzzle (he will be glad when we get to put that away and fly sheet (mostly used when I trailer) that is it for him….

    Due to how moist our summer has been I think i will take the muzzle and antibacterial the hell out of that once we are done with it. There has to be shit growing in that thing even by cleaning and washing it each week….

    i am sorry it has been so hot for you guys this year. At least you get to escape very soon!! Too bad you can’t take Henry with you!


    1. Henry seems to be a walking allergy. Some day I will find something that helps him with that, rather than just having to constantly treat the effects of it. But yes the highs in Belgium/France/Germany are lower 70’s and I’m excited AF.

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  2. Totally off topic but: you will be in a surprise, temperaturewise.
    We´re currently fluctuating between 68 to 77 degrees in my part of the country (I am about 2.5 hours from Warendorf).

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  3. Somehow every lesson I’ve had for the last few months has ended up being on the hottest day of that week. I’m convinced my trainer is heat-training me on purpose.
    The only thing Frankie really goes nuts for in the summer is my jelly curry scrubber. Homeboy loooooves getting his scratchies after a good sweat.

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  4. The flies love Amber too. I’m not sure why. But I’ll have to try the water based Piranha! That was the only stuff that kept them away from her too (right now I’m using Repel X) but the oil based one sucked. Thanks for that! But yeah the TTT stuff and I recently had to get the cashel fly mask with ears and nose because the flies would just be in hordes around her face. She used to lick down her salt block like crazy but since the move she hasn’t touched any I’ve bought her, so I’ve loaded her grain with electrolytes and table salt and she slobbers that all over the place so I guess we’re good on that lol. Anything that can scratch her is a summer staple. Or winter staple. Any time of year really.

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  5. An increased water bill from all the hosing. Both horses will stand without halters. Milton walks away eventually (hose is in pasture). I’ve tried to see how long Rodney will stand under the water. He always outlasts me.


  6. My horses would tell you their list is: ceiling fans over each stall (spoiled), nighttime turnout with Baker fly sheets and UltraShield fly spray. It’s crazy that I’m only 150ish miles north of you and our summer really has been rather lovely. I can count the 100 degree days on my fingers (do I count the heat index? that might push the number of days higher) and we have gotten a lot of delightful summer rain. It’s like 87 as I type this!


  7. So the other day I tacked up in the aisle and a friend was grooming her horse and she said “I’m not going to ride, it’s way too hot” and I agreed with her but said i was hoping to get in 20 minutes or so…it was 81.

    Summer for me is very similar to this list with the addition of apple cider vinegar (I use it as a rinse to get sweat off) and apples & carrots.


  8. Haha my last order from then was new Himalayan rocks for everyone and a new cashel fly mask 😂

    I’ll have to try that fly spray… my Henry gets bad bites from the flies and can’t have the sheet in when it’s over 90 cause it’s just too hot.


  9. My guys love those salt blocks. I would have to say cashel fly mask, and amigo fly sheets!! Sprayer nozzel that works and hoof oil. It gets hot here but not that hot. Flies are awful though and we just had some cases of West Nile so they are dressed head to toe.


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