Henry’s Fun Filled Field Trip

I’m currently in the middle of a week-long barnsitting stint, and this time Henry got to come with me!

After XC schooling on Saturday we loaded up and immediately headed down to the farm. Henry seemed momentarily confused at being unloaded at a place that wasn’t home, but he took one look around and then dove straight for the grass. Priorities.

He was settling in just fine until the resident hussy retired broodmare Quinnie decided that he is the new hot young stud in town and boy does she want to make an Anglo-Trakehner with him. The nickering and hollering across the barn was intense, and has given Henny an overinflated ego. He became completely infatuated with her pretty much instantly. Still is. Real freaking annoying, but at least the screaming has died down a bit.

Trey does not have the same feelings for Henry that Quinnie does. Trey is keeping it real.

Other horses generally don’t like Henry very much, so I think he’s just beside himself that someone seems to love him. I tried to explain to him that this isn’t love, she’s really only after one thing, but he’s not listening to me. Kids, ya know? They gotta find out for themselves.

The other horses go out during the day and Henry goes out at night, so every time there’s a turnout swap, it’s accompanied with a fifteen minutes of screaming back and forth. I finally had to just close the door to the run off of his stall, because he would go stand out there in the hot sun ALL DAY LONG and stare off into the distance at her, causing himself to get super hot. Hey idiot, there’s a nice big fan inside for your heat-intolerant ass!


Drama queen antics aside, it’s been fun so far. I really really really love being able to look out the window and see my horse, or go sponge him off every couple hours during the heat of the day, or do basically whatever I want with him, whenever I want to do it. There’s a lot to be said for that.

10 thoughts on “Henry’s Fun Filled Field Trip

  1. I get the sense that Henny tends to fall in love with the ladies pretty easily. Poor guy is such a romantic. Frankie has a weird thing for gray mares and can somehow radar sense them from half a mile away- what can I say, he’s got a type.


  2. poor henry. in love and his mom won’t let him break curfew. HA.

    When do you leave for your trip? Has to be coming up soon right??

    Very cool to get to bring Hen with you to your barnsitting.


  3. Poor Henry! Young and in love lol! Amber is like Trey. Always making the faces at other horses. She likes other horses and wants to be with them, but it’s a distinct “let me appreciate at a DISTANCE” type of like. But not too distant because her friend should at least be within 20 feet of her. Mares, right? lol


  4. 😆 I got road blocked out in the pasture the other day. Trying to pick manure, but SOMEONE insisted on manure fork scratches instead. Literally wouldn’t get out of the way of the wheelbarrow. I had wondered if I were the only person who did that lol…


  5. My horses have been home for almost ten years now (wow, that’s a long time…) but I had a moment this weekend of feeling appreciative that I could just pop in there and see them whenever I want. Glad Henry made a friend. He’s probably glad there’s no tree of knowledge for him to get tied to there!


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