Weekend at Willow Tree Part 2: The Rest of the Cute 

So… anyone who is friends with me on facebook or follows me on Insta already knows this, but I came home from Willow Tree with a new furkid. Because I am a total sucker. She was the runt in the litter of barn cats, and she is teeeeeeny tiny, but she’s so sweet and loves people.

She was not barn cat material, but she fits right in at our house.

Her name at Willow Tree was Tiny Nugget, but let’s be honest, she looks just like a Gremlin. Huge ears and mohawk and everything. Therefore she’s now known as Gremlin aka Gremy, and the dogs are all rightfully terrified of her.

Delia still refuses to make eye contact, even when Gremy plays with her tail
Pretty scary

Poor SO didn’t actually know that I was bringing her home until I texted and asked if he wanted to go to Petco with us or if we should just stop on our way home, to which he replied “Uhhh… what?”. I highly recommend this method of pet acquisition, by the way. It’s much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, especially if you’re asking for forgiveness while holding a really adorable kitten.

Go ahead, try to be mad.

At first he wasn’t so sure of her (neither of us typically like cats at all) but she quickly wormed her way into his affections. Yesterday she sat on his shoulder while he washed dishes and folded laundry. It’s hard not to love a tiny gremlin. She’s very people-oriented and follows us around everywhere, so I’m hoping she’s one of those cats that is a little more dog-like. Time will tell.

Other than the barn kittens, there was one more pretty adorable new addition at Willow Tree. Say hello to Murphy, the little bitty teeny tiny QH foal.

He’s easily half the size of Liam and Presto (he was a bit premature, plus QH instead of warmblood), but 100% sass and spunk. I don’t know anything about QH’s really, but he’s a grandson of Frenchman’s Guy, so apparently he’ll make a good barrel racer? I dunno. All I know is that he’s ridiculously adorable, is really quick with his teeth (little turd), and currently fits in a goat halter.

And that pretty much sums up the weekend at Willow Tree. Lots of Presto with a dash of Murphy and a healthy dose of kitten. And some pretty gorgeous double rainbows that provided a nice photo op.

pic just for Emma

We’ll see how Ms. Grem settles into her new life as an indoor cat with a bunch of dog brothers, but I think she’ll do just fine. It’s probably more of an adjustment for her humans, the professed “not cat people”, to get used to having a cat around. So far, so good?

23 thoughts on “Weekend at Willow Tree Part 2: The Rest of the Cute 

  1. SQUEE!!! Kittehs!!! I am a cat person and have 3 doglike cats already. I’m eyeing up 2 barn kitten trainer took in ‘cos their mom abandoned them.

    I like your idea of informing DH v. asking. But DH rides with me so I couldn’t be as surreptitious as you. Hmmmm…


  2. got Peeves (My current cat) in Texas at the Taylor Horse Sale and didn’t tell Hubby till I walked in door with him (There may have been a couple of Coors Lights that caused this acquisition…shhh).

    Your SO is cool…he seems to love animals so i am sure he is fine…YOU on the other hand I am just freaking amazed you got a cat 🙂 HA! 3 dogs, a cat, a foal and a Henry….getting quite a collection you are 😉


  3. Yup, that there is a barrel racing bred horse! Tiny even for a QH foal! All horse (not pony, mini or draft) foals are pretty similarly sized for the first week or so. The QHs actually grow pretty quickly bc most of them are their mature height by 3yo (unless they have a lot of TB bloodlines).
    Gremy is ADORBS! I’ve always had barn kitties and only recently have we had a couple house’ish cats. Our elderly foxhound and one of the Beerhounds (33″ tall borzoi/deerhound mix) LOVE their kitties. The foxhound used to bring a baby kitten from the barn to the house to keep as her own. She’s very “Nana” from Peter Pan. Enjoy Gremy! Good house kitties are SO fun and very different from dogs. 🙂


  4. Not a cat person either but THOSE EARS! I love all big earred things. Murphy is adorable…though the biting is unfortunate. Frenchman’s Guy babies are supposedly hot/buck, so best of luck to them. But let’s be honest, barrel racers don’t care. lol. He is cute though!

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    1. I have a thing for big eared animals too lol. Murphy is a SASSY little thing, but super cute and has a really really well balanced canter. I can picture a barrel racer loving him.


    1. yeah that’s kind of how i felt when I was going through pictures. And I’ve only posted like 1/4 of what I took. There’s a lot of cute happening on my phone right now.


  5. Oh wow. Those ears! That mohawk! Those eyes! How could you not fall for her. Of course, cats are all evil demigods and I’m sure the dogs know what they are in for now that she is home. So cute!!!


  6. I made a similar acquisition of one of our cats- 10pm on a rural highway, a kitten eating road kill on the yellow line. I stopped, she didn’t run away, I scruffed her and ran back to my car. I may have called my husband and said, “Don’t be mad.” My intention was to find another home for her (we already had two cats), but he named her and bought her a collar and tag (so it’s all his fault :-p). Gremlin is way too adorable! We have 2 “puppycats” (and one normal cat), and I’ve found that following you around/sitting on you is an excellent indicator of a puppycat in training!


    1. LOL Puppycats! I’m so using that. I gotta say barn kitty babies make the best house cats. My kitteh must have forgotten everything his barn kitty mama taught him since he won’t kill a grasshopper, much less a big scary mouse. Good thing he is the most cuddly and attention-seeking cat ever. We call him white velcro since he just wants to stick right by your side. Gremmy is going to grow up to be an awesome kitty – she is in good hands!


  7. Runts are totally their own kind of cat haha! We have our own little runt who we named Loganox after Wolverine, cos he is pretty convinced that he is a wolf/human. Has the most character I’ve ever seen in a cat, and I’ve had multiple cats all my life. He also does the shoulder thing and takes to grooming your head/face/hair/eyebrows now. He also loves sleeping on hubby’s face.


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