So much stuff for sale

I kind of hate posting this list because I love most of these things, but I have so much stuff that I’m not using right now, it’s borderline obscene. Plus I need money for another thing I apparently “need”. So just… buy it now while I’m weak and then we’ll never speak of it again.

-PS of Sweden Olympic Revolution flash bridle, brown cob with rubber lined reins. I HAVE SO MANY BRIDLES, I’M PRACTICALLY AIMEE. – SOLD

-Ogilvy dressage half pad size Regular, white with black binding and light blue piping. Excellent condition. Had to buy a gummy for the new saddle, so this beautiful creature doesn’t get used anymore. (has anyone else ever noticed how one purchase often dominoes into several other side purchases? just saying.) – SOLD

-Total Saddle Fit black calfskin dressage leathers. Only used for about a month. I punched one half hole, otherwise like new. I like my webber style ones better because I, like my horse, am a delicate flower. – $50

-Finn Tack ice boots, pair – SOLD

-Ice Horse tendon boots, pair, NO ice packs (they hold regular ice packs, easy to toss new ones in). Don’t even get me started on Henry’s complete and utter disdain for all the NICE ICE BOOTS I’ve bought for him over the years. – $40 sold pending payment

-Cheltenham gag with rope cheeks. I’m not sure wtf was possessing me when I bought this, because I would probably die if I ever used it on Henry. – $30

-Smartpak fleece dressage girth, 28″. What kind of horse can’t go in a nice soft fleece girth? HENRY. – SOLD

-navy lycra shoulder guard, horse size. It was a bit tight on Henry’s Incredible Hulk shoulders, so I’d say it’s better for either a narrower horse or a horse in the 15-16h range. – SOLD

-3 navy pads: 2 roma square monoflap style pads SOLD, 1 PRI XC shaped pad SOLD

pic was before it went in the wash, it’s actually clean now

-TTouch Liberty neck ring (this is kind of a PITA to ship because of it’s shape, so either local sale only or buy other stuff to make it worth my while to wrangle it into a box) – $10

-navy Weatherbeeta 1200D sheet 81″ used 2x (Princess Henny can only wear HUG blankets, sooooo…) $50

The last one. The color is uniform, just looks weird here in the shade of the tree.

-Animo long sleeve polo light blue size I-42 (34ish bust). I love this shirt but I am too fat for it. Forgot to get a pic of this, but can get one if you’re interested. SOLD

-PS of Sweden wool quarter sheet cob size, navy. Much like my Animo polo, this hasn’t fit Henry’s fat ass for 2 years. It’s time to admit to ourselves that it will never fit again. *sob* SOLD

remember when he was really skinny?
-54″ leather girth with elastic on each side. In great shape except for some wear at each end where my terrible leg has rubbed off a bit of the color. It’s the one in the pic above, but I can get a better pic if you’re interested. SOLD


Paypal only, please. Shipping not included. Not negotiable, I already put the prices at what I would take. Whoever pays first is who gets it, sorry but I can’t hold things.

I have a pair of old, seen-better-days Ariat Monaco field boots that I’d give away to a good home if you pay (These are SPOKEN FOR!). They would need a good cleaning and some repairs (mainly zipper). 8.5 regular tall (and they are quite tall).

We’ve also got furniture, if anyone is local. Nightstand, coffee table, end table, dining room table and chairs, fancy accent chair, lamps, etc. Like literally a whole room full of random stuff.

And I’m selling one of my road bikes, a Specialized Allez.

Apparently I’m a hoarder?


35 thoughts on “So much stuff for sale

  1. I want the cob PS Sweden rug! It should fit Remus fat ass since he is cob sized on many things. And Henry ass is BIGGER than Remus’ at this point.
    Also i need to pay you for the shirt too! (not the shirt in this blog if you are too fat for it i would explode in it, the one with Presto logo) LOLLOL

    and yes you are a hoarder and bahahaha on your Aimee dig. That is not nice πŸ™‚ Tho girlfriend does have a lot of bridles πŸ™‚

    Also anyone looking I have that exact PS Sweden bridle and love it for cc schooling etc., it is very lightweight and easy to clean…. Grab it, it is a steal πŸ™‚


  2. I’ll take the fleece girth! Tried an anatomical girth, and it rubbed my boy raw. So now I need a fleece girth. If I hadn’t gotten fancy, and stayed with his old girth, I wouldn’t have caused a sore. Bad owner, bad.


  3. You are not the only hoarder. I have accepted a minimalist lifestyle because I got tired of all the clutter/crap around me. Made me look twice at ALL the tank I had to have that I didn’t need, and Breeze could care less about. It finally hit me that one horse can only use 1 saddle pad at a time so there is absolutely no need for 14 of them. Same with polos. I plan on selling half the tack I have too, but yet why did I find myself checking out which products of yours I should buy? Ugh, it is an endless cycle!


  4. Darn, disappointed that I missed the quarter sheet! I’ve been watching for one of those to come up for sale for awhile. Oh well!


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