The Weekend Without Ponies

An entire weekend without horses is really really weird, btw. Not a bad thing every once in a while, but as a general lifestyle choice I dunno. Either way, I did actually have a really fun time this weekend despite the lack of ponies. And if you count Friday as a weekend day then it wasn’t totally ponyless, because I did finally go set my showjumping course back and up and made myself a nice little corner. Henry was unimpressed with me, as usual.

But on Saturday we headed out to Houston with some friends of ours as a late birthday trip for the SO. It was kind of fun because we had planned this without him knowing where we were going or what we were doing, so everything was a surprise. Saturday was mainly eating and drinking… we went to a bunch of breweries, but I hate beer so while I did manage a cocktail at lunch, I otherwise did a lot of sitting.


I did consider asking the group if they’d be interested in going over to Sam Houston Race Park to watch the Preakness but I already knew that one would fall flat so I didn’t even bother. Our Air bnb was a nice condo in Midtown, with a memory foam mattress and a rain shower head, so I was happy enough.

the view from our window

Plus we got pie from THE House of Pies. Granted, I think I earned it after sitting on highly uncomfortable picnic tables at breweries for like 8 hours. Highly recommend the french silk.

The real reason Iย chose Houston was revealed on Sunday when we drove out to the Space Center. If you’re into that kind of thing, it’s pretty cool.

That’s a big effing rocket
lunar rover
I would literally never get in this thing
MISSION CONTROL! This is the one for the Orion (currently used for training until the Mars mission starts), the one you can see on the right of the video screen is the one for the International Space Station.

It kinda worked out anyway, because it rained at home pretty much all weekend. I don’t think I would have been able to ride at all. Plus I’m pretty sure I scored major brownie points for a surprise birthday adventure, and we all know how important that is.

I did injure myself though, rolling my ankle on the stairs in the condo. Figures I was the only one not drinking yet the only one to fall down. Pretty sure I have a soft tissue injury happening, it’s not good.

ghetto ice wrap

But it’s not that swollen therefore it’ll still go in a boot and then a stirrup, so no big deal, right?

Hope everyone else had a fun weekend! This rain can go away any minute now so I can get back to riding.

17 thoughts on “The Weekend Without Ponies

  1. The nice thing about tall boots is that you can ride in them with torn ankle tendons since they protect your leg and hold it in place! Basically a nice looking, leather cast.


  2. I thought you were cool, but then you said you didn’t like beer….
    Every once in a while a weekend with no ponies can be a good thing, especially if you’re earning points with the SO!


  3. you might want to get an xray of that ankle. my wife twisted her ankle in a riding boot and was sure it was a soft tissue injury. an xray later and she was in a cast for the next 8 weeks. Especially if the pain is on the outside of the ankle.

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  4. i dont do beer either, give me a nice pinot grigio and i am okay but beer blech. Unfort i married a Brit who loves Beer.
    You were in my old stomping grounds. We went once to the Space Center while living there and i wish we had gone again before leaving to come back to East Coast it was fun to go to that. Mark really enjoyed it too (However it was HOT as balls the day we went) LOL

    I am sure Henry didnt miss you (He might have missed the cookies)!

    And you are a klutz:) hope the ankle feels better soon….and always good to stay on good side of SO ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I have sprained my ankle, as well as fallen on stairs (or who am I kidding, flat surfaces). Not a fun time. I hope it’s a minor sprain and you’re back in business soon!

    I’m not much of a beer fan myself. I like an occasional very small glass of raspberry wheat ale, but like you, I love ciders.

    I’ve never been to a space center, but that sounds really cool. Bonus that it was a rainy weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I love pie….so I’d be all over that.

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  6. Bummer about the ankle. Your new boots should act as a nice brace though since they’re not broken in yet.
    Nice job planning a weekend for the SO. And I’m glad the weather had the courtesy to be crappy since you couldn’t ride anyway!


  7. Ditto on beer. Fairly sure that it tastes like how I suspect urine tastes …(you are welcome for that incredibly candid moment of ick)!


  8. That last pic just gave me severe ptsd flashbacks. The overbearing mother in me says X-ray that shit (I legit walked on my broken leg for…. A little while until I could get my sorry self to the clinic). The sunny optimist in me says a bone injury would be preferable to an ST injury anyway. Regardless, get well soon, that sounds shitty ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  9. Boo to ankle injuries! My weak ankle/chronic Achilles issue is greatly helped by the BoT ankle brace – highly recommend if you can get your hands on one!


  10. When did the ankle injury happen? You could’ve leveraged it to go either eat more pie or hit up the racetrack! Just saying ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you’re feeling better ASAP. We went to the space center a few years ago and it was really neat.


  11. My horse is 17.2, and my dumb ass dismounted a few weeks ago without looking down at the ground first… landed right on a rock and rolled my ankle HARD to the outside. My doctor took some x-rays and it is just a nasty sprain, but no bueno. I’ve been ignoring his advice and riding anyway though ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope yours feels better soon!


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