Running and Screaming

Normally I really hate Wordless Wednesday posts, but today I’m short on time and long on pictures. Let’s call it a Fewer-Words Wednesday? Whatever.

Either way, I got the pics from Michelle’s nice camera of Presto’s first little gallop in the big field the other day. There’s also video at the bottom for those who would like to hear the soundtrack. He pretty much just ran around neighing at everyone and everything, which is really cute when you’re a baby horse. Maybe not so much when you’re older, but ya know… a squealy little high pitched neigh is adorable when you’re bitty.

Exhibit A
gee, I wonder where he gets that trait from…

Sadie and Presto had lots of fun running around for a few minutes while Sadie blew off some steam from being cooped up. He had never galloped flat out like that before!


four off the floor
about the time he said “Help me, she’s crazy!”


um, yes.

Eventually Sadie slowed down to a trot


and then finally down to a walk (much to Presto’s relief) and made a few “look at my baby, isn’t he cute?” laps past all the other horses.




Sadie tried her best to find a good spot to roll, but Presto was having none of it.


And then finally we got to the supermodel stage, where Presto just kept making adorable pose after adorable pose. So photogenic, this one. Ok maybe I’m slightly biased, but neh no I’m not, he really is the cutest.








These two. I just love them to bits. ❤


best momma mare 

We came out the little side gate on the way in because it’s closest to their stall… the bottom “board” doesn’t move so he had to jump over it. Liam loved to leap over that thing his first few times in and out, but clearly Presto is not impressed by this. He kinda looks a little insulted, actually.

dis “jump”, it be bullshit

And with that, his first real “day out” (which was all of 10 minutes, really) was over and he was pretty pooped. Stretching those long legs out for the first time was a lot of work. Or maybe all the screaming was a lot of work? You decide (sound on for the video, of course):

48 thoughts on “Running and Screaming

  1. Fewer words Wednesday…Keep that ! Photos say it all and please keep putting up videos so we can all see Presto and his mom in action. Sadie is a beautiful girl.


  2. Such good pictures! My baby doesn’t talk nearly this much, which is fine…I’m hoping that mentality carries over to when he’s weaned, hauled away from home for the first time, etc. 😉


  3. Too cute! Baby whinnies are adorbs! My 10yo TB continues to attempt to be a baby and his whinny sounds pretty similar to Presto’s, which is embarassing. When I rode him this weekend he whinnied the entire time. It was ridiculous and now I need ear plugs.


    1. I love her too. It took her a while to mature and fill out and become beautiful, but she’s really a stunning mare now (and has THE PRETTIEST trot even when her foot is jacked up). I can’t wait to see her make more babies.


        1. I think Michelle is breeding her back to Mighty Magic this month, which could definitely make a jumper baby. MM was an event horse but has offspring competing through 1.40m in the jumper ring too. 😉

          Liked by 2 people

  4. You know in movies where they always have horses whinnying at absurd times (in comparison with real life) and we all know it’s just for dramatic affect? Presto bucks that trend and might make me a believer!


  5. All the neighing….is it more of “Hi, I am Presto, nice to meet you” kind of whinny or “Momma, dammit, wait for me!” one?
    Sadie sure is a beauty and Presto is just too cute for words…


    1. It depends on where he is and who it’s directed at. The ones up by the top where the other horses were, definitely “HI” whinnies. He does those all the time. The slightly panicky sounding ones where he’s chasing Sadie, definitely “OMG WAIT” whinnies. LOL


  6. his tiny fuzzy little ears are killing me! I love his little baby neigh – this little dude has so much personality – he’s a perfect match for you!


  7. The joy of life and the joy of being alive! This is so wonderful to see. It was just a short time ago he was fighting for his life and look at that little whipper snapper go now! Woo Hoo!


  8. Oh em geeeeeee, he is just incredible! That spirit! And he doesn’t look worse for wear, which is incredible and really a testament to the care he got and also his breeding. That is one healthy, robust horse baby! Sadie is incredible as well…that had to have been stressful for her and yet she seems to have taken things in stride as best she could. I hope you’re taking retroactive deep breathes and sleeping soundly at night again. It sure is good to see that colt kicking up his heels.


    1. I still check on him constantly on his stall cameras. I don’t think I’ll ever really relax, to tell you the truth. I did stop setting alarms to wake up in the middle of the night to peek at the cameras, so… baby steps. 😉

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