The L Word

I felt so “on it” about Baby Horse’s name. I had it narrowed down before he was even conceived, and it didn’t take me very long into Sadie’s gestation before I settled on Magic Word – barn name Presto. It had to be an M name because we had fully intended to take this foal RPSI, Sadie’s registry of birth. For them, foal names follow the first letter of the sire’s name. Mighty Magic = M.

Mmmmm we love M’s

But then a few weeks ago Michelle and I started brainstorming about some other things, and I got some news about Sadie’s registration status (great news! which I will share whenever it’s all final). For several different reasons, it would really be tremendously easier if we did sBs for registration instead. I don’t mind this at all, because the sBs folks were so incredibly gracious to us on our Belgium visit a couple years ago. They’re super nice, and while sBs is a small registry, they’ve managed to produce a lot of good horses.

Image result for hh azur
ever heard of HH Azur?
Image result for rothchild mclain ward
or Rothchild?

Plus their brand looks like the Budweiser symbol, which greatly amuses me for some reason. This is a Budweiser Warmblood, y’all.

Image result for budweiser symbolImage result for sbs brand belgian sport horse

All was well and good with that until Michelle reminded me that their naming convention is different – they do a certain letter every year. This year it’s L. So close to M, but not. You know what doesn’t start with L? MAGIC WORD.

Well shit.

So I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out a decent L name with little success. Karen threw out Like Magic, which is the only one I like so far. And it still works with Presto. I’ve googled magic terms, harry potter spells and characters, french words, you name it. No luck. You’re killing me, sBs.

I mean, I could just put Le in front of Magic Word for registration purposes and be done with it (and just drop the Le for showing) but that seems kinda Lame (bonus points for L-word). Anybody got ideas for L names that have something to do with magic in some way? I suddenly feel so unprepared.

100 thoughts on “The L Word

  1. Some French ideas-
    Le Magicien (the magician, male)
    La Magie (magic, female)
    Le Mot Magique (the magic word, male)
    Le Sorcier (the wizard, male)

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  2. Ledrith is Welsh for Magic, illusion

    Or Lledrith, Lledrithau

    I just like Llewellyn is pretty much why I started looking for Welsh names, and you know the Welsh guy who lives with me.


  3. How do the Rollingwood’s ponies denote the L for “hell” or even just “ell?” Perhaps you can play with that. L Lusion would get you a verbal Ellusion (close enough to Illusion?)


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