The L Word

I felt so “on it” about Baby Horse’s name. I had it narrowed down before he was even conceived, and it didn’t take me very long into Sadie’s gestation before I settled on Magic Word – barn name Presto. It had to be an M name because we had fully intended to take this foal RPSI, Sadie’s registry of birth. For them, foal names follow the first letter of the sire’s name. Mighty Magic = M.

Mmmmm we love M’s

But then a few weeks ago Michelle and I started brainstorming about some other things, and I got some news about Sadie’s registration status (great news! which I will share whenever it’s all final). For several different reasons, it would really be tremendously easier if we did sBs for registration instead. I don’t mind this at all, because the sBs folks were so incredibly gracious to us on our Belgium visit a couple years ago. They’re super nice, and while sBs is a small registry, they’ve managed to produce a lot of good horses.

Image result for hh azur
ever heard of HH Azur?
Image result for rothchild mclain ward
or Rothchild?

Plus their brand looks like the Budweiser symbol, which greatly amuses me for some reason. This is a Budweiser Warmblood, y’all.

Image result for budweiser symbolImage result for sbs brand belgian sport horse

All was well and good with that until Michelle reminded me that their naming convention is different – they do a certain letter every year. This year it’s L. So close to M, but not. You know what doesn’t start with L? MAGIC WORD.

Well shit.

So I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out a decent L name with little success. Karen threw out Like Magic, which is the only one I like so far. And it still works with Presto. I’ve googled magic terms, harry potter spells and characters, french words, you name it. No luck. You’re killing me, sBs.

I mean, I could just put Le in front of Magic Word for registration purposes and be done with it (and just drop the Le for showing) but that seems kinda Lame (bonus points for L-word). Anybody got ideas for L names that have something to do with magic in some way? I suddenly feel so unprepared.

100 thoughts on “The L Word

    1. I like Leviosa except it ends in a which to me makes it feminine. So I nixed that one, unless it fools us and pops out a filly. Levitate I feel is a bad omen, like the horse will be naughty as hell LOL.

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        1. I was going to say Leviosa too! Levi is a cute nickname…I like Presto too.

          Keeping with the HP/magic theme, Lucious Malfoy would be a hilarious name for competitions. As in your competition will be like, “Oh shit here comes Malfoy.”

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    The ability to float oneself, another person or an object, with no apparent means of support, as if the rules of gravity do not apply.


    1. I’m superstitious about naming them things that I don’t want them to live up to, and with levitate/levitation I’m picturing a horse that’s so naughty it never leaves the stratosphere!


  2. Absolutely no help as I am the worst at naming anything, but as a side note I now know that labeorphily means the study of beer labels and will hopefully be using lardaceous (of or pertaining to lard) in my vocabulary on a more regular basis.


  3. +1 to Legerdemain (or Light of Hand) from Jill – that was my very first thought.
    I think the announcers would figure it out, my last mare was Callirhoe, it took a few tries but if they can figure that out they can figure anything out.


  4. When I first saw the title of this post I thought of ‘love’ and how people refer to love as the L Word or the big L. I am not sure if I thing it is funny, interesting, or do not like it at all lol. I think I might think it is funny! If I heard that announced in a class, I would chuckle and then want to see the pair. You would have a myriad of barn names to chose from with that category. You could even stick with Presto.


    1. El Amor Brujo – Spanish for “Love, the Magician” – (the title of an opera). Or skip the Spanish, which is a bit obscure after all, altho’ the “El” is pretty crafty, and just go with Love, the Magician.

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  5. Mine is completely cheesy but I thought of Love Potion or Love Spell. Probably not the best choice for a gelding. Lord of Illusion? L is tough! I also do like Karen’s suggestion of Like Magic and yours of prefixing with Le.


  6. There are a couple L Harry Potter spells that aren’t super overused like Lumos.


    There’s also the few variations of Lumos that would help differentiate; Lumos Maxima, Lumos Solem (only in the movie, but it still counts).


    1. I had a hard time with anything using the word corpus LOL. The rest I just didn’t think rolled off the tongue very well as a horse name. I swear I exhausted every HP terminology and glossary website on the internet.


  7. What about the french word “Levant” — the term Levant entered English in the late 15th century from French.[3] It derives from the Italian Levante, meaning “rising”, implying the rising of the sun in the east. (shamelessly stolen annotation from the interwebs)


  8. Little Bit of Magic

    Less Talk, More Magic (eh… I don’t know about this one)

    Lesson of Magic

    Let the Magic Begin

    Lumen – Latin noun for “light, star, brightness”

    Lior – Hebrew for “Light for me”

    Lemurian Star – Lemurian is said to be a lost land kinda like Atlantis. Idk, I was listening to so music while I was writing and I have some soundtracks mixed into my playlist. And one came up called that from Captian America. (who knew?)
    ^^ might wanna do a little research those first because I hardly know anything about it.

    Lórien meaning “Land of Gold, dream”. I read above saying that you didn’t like LOTR but I found this one interesting.

    Anyways, half of these are horrible but just throwing out ideas. And HH Azur is by far my all time favorite horse in the SJ ring. That mare and Mclain Ward make an amazing team.


  9. Liquid Luck is so cute! And Like Magic is great too.
    Lord Voldemort. HAHAHA. Talk about a name being a bad omen.
    Levi O Sa. Call him Levi. Then you could go around telling people, “It’s LeviOOOOsa, not LevioSAAA.”
    Larch is a wandwood. But not a very pretty name.
    Lord Stoddard Withers was apparently a breeder of winged horses in the HP universe and has a Chocolate Frog card. Sort of a goofy name though!
    Chinese Fireball dragons are sometimes known as Liondragons – that’s kind of cool. But could also mean you have a horse that acts like a lion/dragon.
    This is challenging!


  10. All I can think of when I think L is Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. However, you could do Lumiere Magique or something along those lines. I’m not much help. if I ever needed to name a baby horse, I’d totally be on the struggle bus.


  11. I’m such a sucker for French names and there are so many good L ones for boys. Hey, starting the name with “Le” sounds like it works as well (not lame)


  12. Oh man, I wish I had a blog so all these people could help me decide on a name for my yearling filly, I’m still struggling!
    I love Liquid Luck as a HP nerd!
    If it ends up being a filly by surprise I love Leviosa!


  13. Oh shit. I’m no help for this at all. I’m driving the struggle bus on naming ideas for my nugget at this point too and it is driving me bananas. I really do like Like Magic though. I do know a pony with the barn name of Magic…which came from his registered name being Bronzini. Rotfl. I know, I’m useless.


  14. Laputa (a magical floating island in the sky)
    Likely Magic
    Likely Magical
    Literally Magic
    Last Magic
    Learning Magic
    Lasting Magic


  15. Lord of Light, barn name R’hollor (only if you’re a Game of Thrones fan 😀 )

    Le Magic Touch (husband tells me this the official French translation, I think with the Le it’s sexy enough for shows)

    I also love Like Magic…


  16. I kind of love the sound of Legilimens, but I’m also a HP nerd. Otherwise the only ideas I keep coming up with a prescription drug names because help I work in a hospital. I mean, who wouldn’t want a horse named Levemir?! this has some interesting ideas!


  17. Non blogger but brainstorming.

    la formule magique – not really sold on this one (too long) but means the magic spell in french and thought it tied both mighty magic and spellbound together.


    Lawful magic

    Last(ing) spell

    My vote is with Like Magic. Seems to flow the easiest and not common/overused.


  18. I went through this with the BWP, for an H and an I (see, Interlaken). It makes it more difficult because you don’t want to choose a name everyone else is likely to choose. A few suggestions:
    Leap into Magic
    Lachlan (just because I like the name)
    Lasting Magic
    Leeward (sort of fits with Westbound)
    Legit/Legitimate Magic
    Le Magie (French for “the Magic”)
    Logical Magic


  19. If you want something no-one in USA can pronounce properly, “Lumlingo Izwi” means “The magic word” in Zulu. Or “Lizwi Magic” in Xhosa. Or go totally wild with “Lentsoe Boselamose” in Sesotho!


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