Clear Round jumper show

I dunno who invented the concept of $5 jumper rounds, but serious tip of the hat to you my friend. Basically the concept is that you can do as many rounds as you want at whatever height you want for $5 a pop. There are two courses per height (take your pick, or do both, or do repeats) and the height goes up every hour. Show up when you want, jump as much or as little as you want. Clear rounds get blue ribbons. So simple, so cheap, and so perfect.

Henny loves Trainer a little too much for my liking

Since I got semi-run-away-with in Stadium last weekend at Pine Hill, I thought this would be a most excellent opportunity to get more practice. The show was at my trainer’s barn and started with ground poles and worked up from there, so we showed up around noon, watched for a while, and then I tacked up as they were setting the jumps for Training.

Henny felt super in warmup so I kept it pretty short. A little trot, some lateral work (making sure I could get the inside hind under him), some canter, and two jumps. Then it was over to the ring to look at the course, then we were in. Henny was pumped, but much less HI HO SILVER than at Pine Hill last weekend. He’s definitely learned what the whistle means though, he always wants to leap into action when the whistle blows. But overall it was a decent first course. The T jumps looked small, he jumped around easily, and I didn’t pull.

Since we weren’t a disasterย we decided to just save him and do a Prelim round instead of another T. I watched a little nervously as they put the jumps up, measured everything, and squared off/widened the oxers. It looked healthy sized but not too big. Thanks Trainer for making the jumps stupid huge in lessons.

We went in and had a pretty decent trip, considering it was our first “official” (as official as a $5 jumper round can be) Prelim round together. We had one rail and rattled a couple others, mostly because I needed to do a better job of keeping his shoulders up all the way to the base. But Henry listened to me really well and it didn’t seem hard or huge, just need a bit more finesse at the height to clean it up. Super proud of my pony though, he did everything I asked. 1000% more rideable than last weekend.

Overall it was a great, fun, CHEAP (for real, I spent $20 with grounds fee) show day. Better yet, it was exactly the stadium practice we needed. I’m all about the $5 jumper rounds, we’ll definitely be participating in more of these.

He was standing parallel to the trailer looking really cute until he saw me whip out my phone for a picture. Then he did this. Turd.

Now Henry gets to enjoy a bit of a break from shows until after his baby brother is born!

31 thoughts on “Clear Round jumper show

  1. So exciting – your first Prelim round! You guys look great. And yeah, I love those types of shows! The event derby I did in the fall was run that way – $15 for your first round, and then unlimited ‘clear rounds’ over the same height for $5 each. It’s SUCH a good schooling/confidence-building format while still being in a ‘show’ environment. It’s my favorite!


  2. I think you guys looked terrific – cool but with enough pep in your step, confident and smooth. All hail to you for making that height look easy, too – it’s a foot higher than anything I’d care to tackle these days! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. i may have squeed a little when i saw your phrase until after his baby brother is born YAY BABIES. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job and looks like fun (HOLY COW THOSE FENCES LOOK HUGE AS SKYSCRAPERS TO ME) ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Woohoo! Awesome day! They don’t do these $5 jumper rounds in these parts, but I really wish they did. What a great way to get some practice (and maybe some blue satin even if it doesn’t REALLY count) for not a lot of money. The jumps look big to me! (So out of practice.) How high is prelim? (sorry, hunter/jumper princess over here…)


  5. What a great way to get some more practice showing. I would love to find something like that around me. You guys look good over those big ‘ol fences!


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