Review: Lund Four Point Collar

I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently to review this, because it’s something that I really didn’t think I wanted, yet it’s become my favorite piece of Lund tack. Why? I’m not totally sure I can explain it… I just really love it. Alas, for the sake of an actual review, I’ll try to explain.


The leather is the same Sedgwick as all the other Lund stuff. Pretty, with fancy stitching, Italian leather padding, and the little bit of elastic is navy, which is obviously a plus. I think part of what makes me like it so much is the look. It’s essentially a classic polo style breastcollar, just with additional snaps to the saddle dees (or dee savers, which it comes with). When I first got it I thought that while it was reminiscent of the breastplates that literally everyone used to use, I hadn’t seen any exactly like it before. But the more I started looking, the more I noticed how popular this style is, especially amongst eventers. Michael Jung, PDutty, Sinead Halpin… I’ve seen a breastplate like this on at least one of their horses at some point or another. It seems particularly common in Europe (what do they know that we don’t?).

And now that I’ve used it for a while, I get it. At first I was worried that just one simple leather strap across the chest would be restrictive, but because this one a) sits above the point of the shoulder b) has little elastic inserts, I’ve found just the opposite. Henry goes really well in this thing and has tons of shoulder freedom, which makes me think that maybe it’s really the piece that runs between his front legs on a regular breastplate that can feel more restrictive to a horse. Or to him, anyway. Henry seems to really go well in the Lund four point, with a big open stride and plenty of freedom to stretch when he needs to.


Yet it also does a good job of keeping my saddle in place. It has less straps than the 5 point, so it looks cleaner and is less fussy to put on, but I’ve not had any sliding issues, either side to side or front to back. It’s really just a nice, simple, classic breastplate that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The only complaint I had was that when I first got it, the leather straps to the girth felt a little thick under my leg. While that feeling did go away as the leather broke in, I believe Lund is going to make a change to have this strap be nylon and therefore less bulky. Generally this style breastplate is more common with eventers in the dressage ring (you see them All The Time in eventing dressage), so I think they’re going to make it available in black at some point, too.

As of right now the Lund four point collar comes in brown and retails for $137 USD, or $185 Canadian. They’re giving one away to one lucky winner this month too! If you’re on the fence about it, I strongly encourage you to try it. Everyone I know that has one loves it, myself and Henry included.

Trust me, this is his “Love It” face

13 thoughts on “Review: Lund Four Point Collar

  1. i actually like that style a lot, except I hate the part that attaches to the girth because I feel like I can feel it under my leg. Right now I”m jumping with a jumper breastgirth just attached to the dee savers which so far I really love.

    WFP talked a lot about how US riders frequently ride with their breastplates too tight. I feel like there’s no way 5 point and hunter breastplates DONT interfere.


    1. So when I first got it (when the leather was new and I could feel it under my leg) I figured out that if I ran it UNDER the first girth elastic and then looped it through the second, it greatly helped to smoosh it all flatter. Since the leather broke in and flattened on it’s own, I haven’t felt it, but that definitely helped in the beginning. I think having the nylon there will make a big difference, instead of the leather. But yes, I love this style a lot, and Henry does too! I never expected to, I’ve been a pretty big fan of my bridge style breastplate and my 3 point, but this one has made it’s way into being my favorite. I use it almost every ride.


  2. I used to have a mare that was built like a fence rail (sigh). This was the only style breastplate that fit her, and all I had was a ratty old version my trainer dug up. I even dared to use it in the hunter ring! I would have killed for a fancy, pretty one!


  3. I’ve always been a little dissatisfied with the way a five point hits so close to the base of the neck and can be challenging to adjust on some horses. So it is certainly nice that the four point has a wider and lower distribution of pressure.


    1. Yeah I really like how much shoulder freedom Henry has in this. It’s not a huge difference, but I do think I feel some kind of difference between this one and a five point, as far as his gallop stride goes.


  4. Not a jumper here (except for random jumping FROM shadows/death holes, sticks/snakes, rocks/land mines, etc.,) but it sure looks safer to me – and frankly, sleeker and fancier. I always thought having that strap hanging down was a bit of a hazard when jumping anyway. Seems like you are just daring the horse to hang a hoof.


    1. Yeah, if that strap between the front legs is super loose it could potentially a be a hazard. I think some horses might not like that pulling feeling on the girth/between the front legs that you get with that strap, too.


  5. I’m all for less is more and he looks really nice in this. My mare is annoying hard to fit breastcollars for and this may be a big winner by eliminating the one strap down the chest and between her legs. That strap is always, always too long and I end up having to poke holes and cut off material. This wouldn’t require that at all.


    1. Yeah Henry tends to fit the same, with the strap between the legs. I usually am punching holes and stuff to get it up out of the way enough. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by how much I like this 4 point style!


  6. i love the lund 3 point so far. I imagine this one is great too. (I too love the navy elastic and with a hairy sweaty horse on Sat it actually looks great still).

    I am not so sure on the four point but know if you recommend it anyone who needs one should buy one.

    Must say Lund was easy to deal with and fast ship for my 3 point! Very excited to see what else they come out with!


  7. Pretty much ditto. It just fits better than other breastplates I’ve tried, and this is the first breastplate I’ve used on Eli that doesn’t rub so I don’t have to re-purpose sheepskin halter fleeces.


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