Waddle Waddle, Fat Mare

Today marks day 318 of Sadie’s pregnancy! We are oh so very close to the “viable” mark of 320 days, thank god. 340 days is average, she went 330 last time, so either way… it’s coming soon. 320 is the point at which we can all breathe a small sigh of relief – one less thing to worry about once we make it past that point!

What is this stance, even? Too fat, legs no work no more. 

Sadie has had some changes to her shape and her udder but nothing is looking too imminent yet. We’ll see if she follows the same pattern as her first foal, as far as her milk production and waxing before foaling. She hasn’t started trying to tear the barn down yet so I’m guessing she’s not that close. Uncomfortable mare equals angry mare equals destruction of property.

Day 309
Day 317

I don’t think she looks quite as big this time as she did last time either. Of course, Merlin was a baby elephant and this one should, in theory, be a bit smaller. One of Michelle’s other mares, Lissa, is also at 318 and there for a while I thought she looked quite a bit bigger, but now I think Sadie has caught up.

Mooooo Lissa (despite being this pregnant she can – and did – still jump the fence)

The closer we get to 320, the better I feel. As in, before I was 51% anxious, 49% excited and now I’m more like 52% excited and 48% anxious. I think I’ll breathe a lot easier once baby is here and healthy, but making it to 320 helps a little.

I sent in my check to audit a Future/Young Event Horse clinic in Dallas on March 4-5, so I’m gonna go ahead and bet all my money on that being when she foals. Because let’s be honest, I was tempting fate by going to that anyway, and going so far as to send a check probably sealed the deal. But if you haven’t already placed your official baby bets for the contest, don’t forget that the deadline is 2/28!

18 thoughts on “Waddle Waddle, Fat Mare

      1. i am sure Michelle with her mulittude of wise ways just rolls her eyes and answers you sweetly 🙂 LOL (Michelle you should charger her by texts just saying!) HA

        I am ready for baby to be here too! I want photos of babies not udders 🙂 LOL


  1. Omg, this is so exciting!!! I’m anxious as hell, I can’t imagine how awful the wait is when it’s your own mare & your own baby! I’ve got my fingers crossed for a smooth delivery!


  2. Dang Lissa!! Mad prego skills!!

    I tried to tempt fate with my first and went to a horse show a couple hours away … but it didn’t help me go into labor like I hoped ha!


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