Pine Hill January show: Pre-Game

First of all… I think I love schooling shows. I literally had all of my clothes, including show clothes, packed in a backpack. It took me maybe 5 minutes. I didn’t have to pack a ton of shit, I didn’t have to braid, and it was cheap. Sign me up for this. Ok, but not permanently, because I did miss wearing my Winston coat a little, but it was fun to be casual for once.

Henny is also a fan of casual

On Saturday I was up early (because I’m always up early, because I go to bed early, because I’m 33 going on 85), and as I was leaving my neighborhood I realized that although I had remembered to gather all of Henry’s crap, I forgot to get any food/drinks for myself. Oops. A quick stop at Walmart to grab whatever I could carry (which amounted to 2 Lunchables, an apple, some Goldfish crackers, and 2 waters… spoiler alert this is not enough food for 24 hours) I was back en route. I went to the barn, shoved all my crap in my truck/trailer, and headed out. I’ll be honest and tell you a secret here: I didn’t even clean anything. The forecast for the weekend looked gross, and my give-a-shits just were not numerous enough.

Well that sounds beautiful

I was one of the first ones to arrive, so I parked my trailer in a primo spot and got Henry settled. Bobby and I were lucky enough to get awesome stabling spots in a smaller barn that is less chaotic and has more space. Loved it. Then Bobby got there, parked next to me (because stalker), we put our tents up, got everything unpacked, and then got on the boys.

Truck Tents are back!
checking out his digs

Earlier in the week Henry had a day where he just felt kinda crappy under saddle (like SI flaring up again), to the point where I almost scratched. Then the next day he felt super, so I decided to just go and see what horse I had. If he felt weird, I could always scratch. We got on and walked for a while, then I rode him down to the arena and Trainer asked to see him trot and canter. Henry was moving pretty damn great, albeit he was a bit of a sassy dolphin. We quit after a very short ride, just in case, but definitely got the thumbs up to proceed. He might end up being wild for dressage, but he felt good and that was more important. He literally pranced back the barn, fairly certain that we were headed to the start box for XC. He was super bummed when he got a bath instead.

When in doubt, make faces at Halo

After the boys were settled we went to walk stadium, then walked XC twice. It was warm and humid enough to where I was sweating balls by this point. There was much chafing. Thanks, Texas in January. Overall though, I felt pretty good about the XC and stadium courses (mentally, not physically, because see above note about chafing).

Then we fed the boys, ate dinner (mmm… Lunchable…), socialized a bit, and took the horses for a handwalk. I DID wipe my bridles down with a wet rag and thoroughly brush out my horse’s tail, so… wow, such effort. Then I popped one of Bobby’s ZzzQiul’s and was in bed by 9. With a 7:42 dressage time, it was gonna be an early morning…


38 thoughts on “Pine Hill January show: Pre-Game

    1. I ran T once 2002/2003… I remember it looking a lot smaller and easier back then lol. And of course Henry has done 2 T’s with Trainer. But it’d be our first T together.


  1. Jerky. You must always buy jerky. Oh, and fruit leathers! And those circular rice cake things!

    Apparently all things dehydrated?


    1. Lots of people go all-out, and I probably would have if my whole goal wasn’t “calm the eff down”. But I have to admit, I kind of found myself enjoying wearing just a sunshirt (and later – rain jacket) and not having to worry about a stock or a coat or show shirt or any of that. Shhh don’t tell anyone.

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  2. Stalker? You put to stable with me and then your punk-ass had stolen my regular camping spot when I got there! Umm-hmmmm…. Stalker.


          1. I entered first and put to alone, you entered after me and put to stable with me – that was total entrapment, and THEN you parked where you KNEW I’d park because I’ve parked there for years. Stalker. I know, you totally adore me.


              1. I begged you to put Anchor and not me – and where were you? Next to me. It’s cute how much you love me and try to hide it – too many emotions for one little heart.


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