Weekend Update

Yeah, horse show happened yesterday, but I need a day to gather myself before I can write all that up, so a few quick “what’s up in my world” updates:

Image result for weekend update biden
I only used this picture from Weekend Update because ❤ Joe Biden and cried actual tears because of him TWICE last week

First – dog update. As I mentioned last week, Stewie had not been feeling so well. The only thing we found amiss in his vet appointment was a low grade fever and elevated white blood cell count. He came home with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, instructions to bring him back if he seemed worse, and a follow-up appointment for this Weds to recheck him. He’s steadily gotten better at night (he’s not shaking for hours at a time), although he’s still not eating very well (granted, he’s never been a particularly great eater anyway). He wants MY food, and treats, but not his own food.

I bought my plane ticket and Rolex tickets last week, so I’m officially GOING. If there’s some kind of blogger meetup happening, lets talk details. I’m so excited!


I finally paid off the Devoucoux! That didn’t take FIVE MONTHS or anything. Thanks, Henry’s giant stack of fall vet bills and newly acquired, very expensive acupuncture addiction.

Because I am obviously so very good at adulting (see above), I rewarded myself with a pair of “oilslick” spurs. They were on sale, shut up.


And last but not least, a few Sadie pictures. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pregnant mare who’s belly was so perfectly round.

I wish they’d quit jostling their babies

She still thinks she’s fancy though!


More tomorrow, when I’m more awake.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Update

      1. Please include Sadie waddletrot gif as bonus in tomorrows update. Seeing a waddletrot in action is probably a public service of bringing happiness anyways so..


          1. That’s me as well. I bought a pair of breeches last year bc they were 50% off and I bought my vest there a few years ago, but that’s been it. I scored RJs breeches and a coat stupid cheap the first year I lived here (we had a booth and I could wander early in the week before stuff was sold out) but nothing as good since then


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