Broke-Ass Retail Therapy

Having an injured horse is kind of like the Universe’s double Eff You. Not only is your horse hurt and you can’t ride him, you’re also probably so tapped out from vet bills and/or rehab that you can’t even treat your feelings with some proper retail therapy. It’s annoying when you’re forced to just have the feelings instead of buying lots of pretty things to bury them under.

I think they’d love to be buried under these, personally…
I’m incapable of going very long without acquiring something though, even if it’s a low budget item. I might have gone a tad crazy on Thriftbooks, buying some more breeding books. Yes I already have a bunch of similar books already in my collection, which may or may not include a Holsteiner book and a Hanoverian book written entirely in German. Don’t judge me.

I do some sort of massive Thriftbooks purchase at least once a year… last time it was about a dozen eventing and dressage books, everything from Charles de Kunffy to Mark Todd. They’re pretty much all under $5 a pop, who can resist that? I’m turning into a random-equestrian-books library, and I’m ok with it.

about half of the horse books collection
I think the Universe tried to pay me back a little bit last week though, by letting me win not just one but TWO giveaways for a Triple Crown Custom cooler. Yeah, I have no idea how I pulled that off either… two totally separate giveaways for the exact same item. When I won the second one I reluctantly emailed them and let them know that I had already won one, and they should draw another winner. It was slightly tempting to not say anything and take two, but that just seems wrong and I don’t need that kind of bad karma in my life. Nor do I really need two wool coolers. Pretty excited about it though, the TCC coolers are awesome. It should end up looking something like this:


Gotta represent Anchor Equestrian.

There’s also a Mrs Tutton’s shirt on it’s way to me, the one I was drooling over so much. Too bad I won’t really get to wear it until next show season. Unless I wear it to work. Which… might happen.

Image result for mrs tutton may shirt

I’ve been teetering on the brink of ordering an Ogilvy Eventer pad… some days I’m stronger than others. I’ve gone so far as to add it to the cart, but managed to talk myself down from the ledge before I actually paid for it. We’ll see how long I last. We’ll also see how much damage I do at Fair Hill this weekend… we hit one consignment tack shop yesterday and I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without.

At least Henny seems to be having a good time swimming my money away?

23 thoughts on “Broke-Ass Retail Therapy

  1. Wow, that cooler! 😍 I’m stress shopping due to work right now: two pairs of full seat breeches, a new dressage horse necklace, and can I count the hot tub? πŸ˜‚ I’m hoping you score some great stuff at Fair Hill so I can drool over it haha.


  2. im in the same place. i want to buy all the things but i’m like no, i must be a good girl and save for a saddle/trailer/vet bills/things that arent immediate.

    it helped that bit o britain had a tent sale last week and i bought a ton of stuff that I DID actually need.


  3. Owning my own farm is coming back to bite me now…not only do I still have Copper and Paige/pregnancy related vet bills, but now I also have 2k worth of taxes to pay…yayyyyy. 😦 The only thing I’ve been able to justify was a clearance priced Nobel Outfitters cowl, but it was so worth it.


  4. Such awesome stuffs, especially the free cooler – that is going to look amazeballs.

    Happy perusing @FH I hope you find many shiny things to keep your inner magpie happy till Henry is back at work *hugs*


  5. I love Triple Crown Custom. They used to sell a lot of the “rejects” in the Horseware Ireland outlet located in NC. Scored a lot of good things from that… Even have a David O’ Conner eventing team jersey cooler!


  6. Wow, beautiful cooler and shirt. Totally wear the shirt to work, then it doesn’t count πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the introduction to Thriftbooks… I sense a slippery slope in my future!


  7. If I had a dollar for every time I talked myself off the ledge of buying something I really “needed”, I would have a pair of custom boots by this time…. *sigh*


  8. Congrats on the new cooler! Major props to you for not accepting both. I mean you do have more than one horse…
    I’ve done the same with Ogilvy baby pads. I can’t just get one because I have this need to get for all the horses when I get things like that. And I really can’t bring myself to buy four baby pads at once. But they’re so pretty and custom…


  9. Normally in the mean one and tell my friends to not buy the things. But I’m going to be nice and easy that you really should get the Ogilvy eventer pad. Henry needs it for when he comes back better than ever. It’s only fair.


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