All Tucked In

On Saturday I dropped Henry off at his new home for the next 30 days.

As usual, he loaded up and rode like a champ, although I can tell he’s starting to get a bit full of himself from not being ridden. Everything just happens a lot quicker, with a bit more enthusiasm than necessary.


He unloaded and immediately neighed at all his new QH besties (the rehab place is pretty much full of QH’s at the moment… and a mini…) then marched right in and drank a bucket of water. After a quick lap of his giant stall to check it out (they have doubles!) he touched noses with his neighbor, decided not to kill him, and started to work on his hay.

his neighbor, Ricky Bobby
double size stall

I was that crazy owner who brought a whole little trunk full of his stuff, and totally hovered for a while before I left. I brought his grooming stuff, a big bag of cookies, a new salt-on-a-rope, his back on track wraps, his sheet, and some of his large assortment of medications. How many other horses have a trunk sitting in front of their stalls? Uh yeah, none of them.

My mom is cray

I tried to explain all of his weird little idiosyncrasies while the owners very politely nodded and let me ramble. I told them about 50 times to feel free to send me updates and pictures, and that I’d come visit at least once a week. My crazy flag was flying high.

After I parked my trailer and paid them (bye money), I’d run out of things to piddle around with, so I finally got in my truck and left. It was an emotionally tough day (we’ll talk about that tomorrow) but I think he’s in good hands and will be happy there. They get the horses out several times a day for handgrazing, time on the walker, the aquatred, grooming, etc. He won’t be too bored, and hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon.

28 more days…

22 thoughts on “All Tucked In

  1. I sent my old horse to a rehab facility when he tore his check ligament/had a nasty case of white line disease! It was quite possibly the best thing I ever did for him. He came back 100% and never had any issues with it again 🙂


  2. This could be fun to watch this ‘crazy horse owner’ persona emerge from within you! HA I look forward to updates on Henry. What a treat to have a place that nice so close!! Whew.


    1. How do you explain that sometimes your horse will just randomly pin his ears and bite the air as if there was a horse right next him… that he’s not colicking, he just has imaginary friends…


  3. Is his neighbor’s name really Ricky Bobby? That. is. Awesome.
    It is really hard not to be the crazy horse lady. We’ve all been there.


    1. Yes it is. He got a lot of one liners from me, like “You’re not on fire, Ricky Bobby” and “Shake and bake!” and “Don’t you put that evil on me, Ricky Bobby”. He just kept looking at me.


  4. It’s so hard to leave them! But he’s definitely in great hands. And his neighbor is Ricky Bobby, so you know he’s gonna have a good time. Hope to hear lots of good updates in the next few weeks!


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