Review: For Horses breeches

This is another one of those items that I get to publicly admit to being totally wrong about. It’s always fun when I’m wrong.

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A while back, my friend Michelle called me from a tack shop in Florida (what up, TackNRider), telling me about all the cool stuff they had. We are both fans of cool stuff. She sent me pics of a few things, and was gushing about these breeches, the Julie Grip from an Italian brand called For Horses. Well, really, they were tights. As soon as she said the T word, my hackles went up. I dunno about y’all, but when someone says “riding tights”, I picture some kind of hideous, elastic waistband, stretch cotton monstrosity that shows every dimple of my backside and only looks cute on 10 year olds.

Michelle had a pair sent to me anyway, as a birthday present. I opened the package and my eyebrow went up… “what in the hell are these?”. I held them up and they looked child sized. I really thought there was no way they’d fit, or be at all attractive. I set them aside for a couple days before trying them on – that’s how optimistic I was. But when I finally pulled them on I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually fit perfectly. And they were pretty flattering. And really, really ridiculously comfortable. I wore them around my house for a few hours that evening, not really wanting to take them off, and needing some time to process my feelings.

and take creepy mirror pictures to send to Michelle

These things are like no other riding tight I’ve ever met. There is no elastic in the waistband, it’s just the same fabric that the tights themselves are made of. The cut is very good – it’s slightly higher than normal breeches so that they don’t slide down or bunch up, and the waistband is stupid comfortable. They have silicone dots on the knee area for grip, and a sock bottom. The fabric itself is a sleek, stretchy tech fabric, so that the end result is kinda like a pair of breeches and a pair of leggings had a really nice Italian baby.

The first time I wore them to the barn I kept looking down to make sure I was actually wearing pants. They’re SO light and comfortable and breathable… by far the best breeches I’ve ever found for hot weather. If it’s balls-hot, these things are awesome. Not only are they way cooler, they also dry really quickly. I like them so much, I now have two pairs. I’ve been reaching for those breeches by default pretty much all summer, wearing and washing the heck out of them. So far they’re holding up really well.

The only thing I don’t really like about them is the little faux pockets on the butt. Well really I like the faux pockets because it gives them more of a breeches look, but IMO the little “flap” needs to be tacked down. I ended up tacking mine down with a couple stitches, just because the flapping kind of made me nuts. Maybe other people aren’t as crazy as I am about things flapping on their butt?

butt flaps, before I tacked them down

Full retail price for them is about $150, which admittedly maybe seems a little pricey at first glance for, uh… tights (that word still makes me cringe). But I’ve been so impressed by the fit, comfort, durability, and performance of these things that I have to say – if you live in a hot climate, they are an absolute godsend in the summer. Worth every penny, for sure. I’d love to have a pair in every color. Thanks Michelle for knowing that I would like them, despite my initial misgivings!

24 thoughts on “Review: For Horses breeches

    1. Hillary if you lived here I would have already forced you to try them on!! Like I have done to every person I know that rides LOL. I was about to take them off while I was wearing them so that a friend could try them on… They are that good…thankfully she stopped me!!! Lol


  1. So there are jeggings, maybe if you rename them you’ll feel better. Breets. Breggings. Brights. …I dunno.

    Look good though. Showing off those hamstrings


  2. Completely agree with this review.
    When I saw Michelle’s I was unconvinced (but her butt did look cute in them), until she let me try her pair on and the comfort was unreal. I especially thought that I was going to be slipping and sliding all over the saddle. But no, they are great and definitely came in handy during those stupid hot summer days. I do really wish that the faux pockets were real pockets though, because I have no where to stuff treats in my pants.


  3. i only ever ride in tights, but they are nowhere near as nice (or expensive…) as those. apparently I am the black sheep of the horse world… I just find regular breeches soooo uncomfortable. I LOVE the waistband on those but the buttflaps need to be tacked down for sure.


  4. Hmmm…they look great on you but how are they about covering some lumps? I’m still searching for the magical mystical unicorn pair of breeches that cover the thigh cottage cheese – I TS but I feel like the cheese is still visible on lighter colored breeches.


  5. I’ve actually worn tights a lot in my mid-to-late twenties riding career and I’ve pretty much always liked them, but recently I don’t like the ridiculous effort to put them on (you know what I mean? the ridiculous slithering that has to happen to get them on?). Do you have to lube up your body to get these tights on?


  6. Amanda
    Thanks for the great review! We were pleased to help Michelle explore our store in Wellington.
    Your point about the “butt flap” has been noted and will be passed on as feedback.


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