Summer Break

We haven’t been doing much since we got back from Arizona, which is totally by design. I feel like we worked really damn hard for many months leading up to it, then Henry spent a lot of time in a trailer, then showing on hard ground, and he deserves a little bit of a mental and physical break. Honestly, I want one too. I’m not ready for another damn trot set yet.

He’d be ok with it though, I think

I’ve “ridden” him three times in the 10 days that we’ve been back – two bareback road hacks, and one half road hack/half canter around the arena and jump 3 tiny fences. Which I really only did because I wanted to more thoroughly try out the fancy breeches a friend bought me as a gift (more on those at some point). Henry spent most of that ride pretending to buck while I tried my hardest not to laugh. Bucking… not Henry’s forte, but I’m glad he’s feeling good.

It’s also just really hot and humid here, and the ground is officially so cracked that riding outside of the ring isn’t safe. And you know how Henry and I both feel about riding in the ring all the time?

like this

During his little mini-break I’ve tried to leave him alone as much as possible. He doesn’t really like being fussed over and pampered, so he’s been enjoying a lot of MeHenny time. Except for that one bath where he just looked tortured and sad from start to finish. Meanwhile I’ve been doing those adulting things that I pretty much suck at doing on a regular basis, like laundry and errands and making food and hanging out with non-horse people. Ok, I still haven’t done those very well either, but better than usual counts right? And we’ve caught up on some Netflix, finishing Stranger Things (anyone else having some trippy dreams after watching that?) and the last season of OITNB (which I probably need some therapy for).

getting baths on break is bullshit

We’ll start getting back to regular rides this weekend, slowly amping back up to a heavier workload. Hopefully this little reprieve is what we both need to feel ready to come out swinging for the fall season, because I have a lot of work to do before our Training debut in October…

18 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. I think you and Henry have earned some down time and since it is the hot as balls part of the summer, great timing!! I am intrigued by those breeches! 🙂


  2. i think its good and smart to give time off after a big show like that, especially if the ground has been hard. and its nice to not feel so obligated to do more than go out and give carrots if its hot out.

    i have never cried so much at a show as I did at the end of this past season of OITNB. i actually don’t know that I’ve cried that hard in like a year.


  3. I think downtime is necessary after all the prep and work you guys put in for Coconino! Enjoy it!

    Also can’t wait to hear about those breeches, they look fun!


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