The Unicorn

If you follow me on Instagram you already know a little bit about this, but I have a Devoucoux Loreak (henceforth known as The Unicorn) coming to me on trial. Yeah, I know, just a few days ago I said it probably wouldn’t happen until winter, but let me explain.

What Had Happened Was

Last week, the SO and I were driving to dinner and I was rambling on about our adventures in Arizona. I mentioned the saddle frustration… how much I loved Trainer’s saddle, was hoping I could make something cheaper work, yet failed at that and now was really sad about it. He chastised me for not buying the best saddle in the first place (he’s very much That Guy, he prefers to buy perfection right off the bat). I totally agree with his theory, but when perfection is like double your budget and you own a horse (aka 4-legged money burner), reality is harsh.

hello, beautiful

He asked me how much they were, and I told him the new price (mind boggling) and the used price (less mind boggling). He said “that doesn’t really seem that bad”. Thank goodness for an SO that comes from the world of road cycling, where a fancy bike can easily be 10k. I told him it was a fair price for such a nice saddle, it’s just not a realistic figure for me right now. I had to sell the current one first, save up for a few months, hope I found the right saddle at the right time, etc etc. Then he said “Well, I can always buy it if you find one you like.”.

other side, girl

Stop. Back up. Wha-what? Did you just tell a horse person that you would buy The Unicorn saddle? My one and only? My Eleanor? I must be dreaming. Am I dreaming? Or just dead. Is this heaven? No wait, can’t be heaven if I’m there…

I may or may not have geeked the hell out, professed undying love and devotion, promised him I would pay him back (because that seems like too much money to just TAKE), and then immediately texted my trainer to let her know to be on the lookout for one like hers. She in turn contacted the Devoucoux rep she always works with (thanks Sam!), who happened to have a buffalo Loreak just like that in my budget, and boom. It was literally a matter of hours.

The Unicorn is on it’s way to me as we speak. I have a trial period, but the panel specs are right on so I’m hoping it works. My only hesitation is that it’s a 17.5 and I might need an 18, so we’ll see. I’m trying not to get beyond ridiculously excited, but still…

I must have racked up a crapton of karma points somewhere along the way.

40 thoughts on “The Unicorn

  1. It must be something between cyclists/triathletes and equestrians. My DH, former cyclist/Iron Man and now fellow equestrian pretty much did the same thing for me with my Devoucoux a few months back. Congrats to you and enjoy!!!!


    1. I’ve found it helps to approach from the “have you ever gotten on a nice bike and it just felt PERFECT for you? Like you had so much power and were so much faster and so much more comfortable? That’s how this is…”. Speakin their language. 😉


  2. Seriously. SOs who assist/sponsor horsey riding paraphernalia are the BEST. Mine isn’t a cyclist, but he def supports buying the right one once instead of the wrong one multiple times. In the end it is always cheaper to just splurge the first time. I had to get a new saddle a year or so ago and my Unicorn was nearly twice my budget yet he insisted I buy it. I love love love it and am grateful every day I sit in it. I hope this one fits you and Henny perfectly!


  3. I find that SOs who understand nice things across the board are most likely to understand nice horse-related items. That’s awesome news!!


  4. Did you get the 2amodel. I am debatIng about one and really like the forward flap. 2a. Looks great for what I want Congrats. I really want one with blue piping so am keeping my eyes peeled as well. Can’t wait to hear how the trial goes


  5. Ah!!! Exciting! My hubby (boyfriend at the time) once joked about getting me a saddle instead of an engagement ring… And that’s how I got my precious Volatire.

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  6. Oh congrats on the unicorn! It just sucks when the saddle isn’t the one. And SOs with expensive hobbies are the best. My hubby bikes too- road and mountain and totally gets it. We compare all the time how similar the two sports are with the gear and all. And love the Gone in 60 Seconds shout out 😉


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