Coconino by the numbers

We’re officially on our way back to Texas, having left Flagstaff yesterday morning. We overnighted in Clovis, NM again and are now only about 8 hours from home. This was a fantastic trip and I had such a blast, but I’m totally worn out and ready to be home. 

so are they

So, I’ll start working on the show recaps tomorrow, but hopefully this will hold you over until then…

Coconino by the numbers

Likits that Henry consumed – 6 

Times I kicked Bobby because he was snoring – at least a dozen 

Dead optimum time watch batteries – 2

This one’s last hour of life

Tall boot blowouts – 1

PTO days taken – 9

Middle fingers extended in my direction – at least 6 (five from Bobby, one from Trainer when she asked for help to get her hair un-stuck from the truck visor and I took a picture instead)

Jars of Magic Cushion used – 1 

Number of times I considered killing the mare in the next barn over who tried to kick her stall down at precisely 2:30 every morning – 5

Big beautiful 100lb bales of hay purchased for and consumed by The Boys – 6


Mornings I woke up freezing to death in the tent because it was FORTY ONE DEGREES – 1

Cookies required to keep Henny still for icing – I dunno, how many are in this pan?

Rocks picked up from the XC course & roads and tracks – eleventy billion

Metric shit tons of Arizona dust inhaled into my lungs – eleventy trillion

Hacks ridden out in some of the prettiest country I’ve ever seen, with equally crazy people – 6

Chef Boyardee/Spaghettios consumed straight from the can – 6

Ribbons brought home – 5

Nosebleeds from the dry, dusty air – 3

Evenings spent consuming adult beverages and just hanging out, chatting with friends (new and old) – at least 5 

Grand Canyon souvenirs that I just had to buy – 1

I mean, how could I not

Basically, it was the best adult summer camp EVAR. Until next year, Coconino!

13 thoughts on “Coconino by the numbers

  1. Holy crap, that looks like the best damn trip ever (sans nosebleeds)! Also, can you do a full page-by-page review of that Grand Canyon souvenir? I’m gonna need that in my life. HA!


  2. i will be so glad when you guys are back home so we can READ all about this amazing trip. I am waiting patiently (HA not so patiently)!


  3. I’m so happy you had such a great time! Looking forward to recaps. And I like how Henry only got ribbons that match his still guard. Well done!


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