Bye Felicia!

Cuz it’s Friday, and we’re leaving for the show today! BYE!

That was a massive case of ADD on my part, but anyway…

Yes, Henry is sound after the nail incident, thank goodness. We still opted not to do our jump lesson yesterday just to save his feet from unnecessary pounding, but it worked out well because Trainer got to hop on for a dressage ride. Her very first dressage ride on Henry, at that… she’s only sat on him twice before, for XC schooling.


They really click well though, she’s used to his type of horse and he liked her sympathetic and quiet ride. He gave her some good work and she declared there is a fancy horse in there somewhere (I’ve been thinking that for the past few months too… he’s SO close to some good quality work).

He loves stretchy trot
can’t say he’s not stepping under…

I still have some work and then some packing left to do, then we’ll be on the road. I’m kind of excited to play owner/groom for once, this never ever happens! Much less stressful this way. Fingers crossed for a successful first Training for Henny. Ride times:



17 thoughts on “Bye Felicia!

    1. He’s really fit right now, so to most people’s eye he won’t look that fancy. There’s not a spare ounce of fat on him, he’s all lean muscle!


  1. playing groom at shows is pretty enjoyable and has (kinda) made up for me not actually showing lately (sorta). hope you have a blast! and obvi hope Henry has a fantastic move up outing!


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