CONTEST: Filly or Colt?

It’s finally that time – the girls have fetal sexing appointments today! Sadie and her BFF (seriously, they’re obsessed with each other) Lissa were both bred on the same day, so they’re both currently 63 days in foal. They’re both going in for one last ultrasound checkup, and to see if we can get a good guess at the gender of their foals. Naturally, this seems like the perfect opportunity for a contest!

❤ BFFs ❤

The window for fetal sexing in early gestation is pretty small, somewhere between day 55 and day 75 of the pregnancy, with the ideal window being from 59-68 days. Around day 55 is when all the “bits” are moving into place to determine if its male or female, and after day 75 the fluid of the pregnancy pushes the uterus over the rim of the pelvis, making it difficult to reach via ultrasound until it gets a good bit larger. Since there’s not a wide range of time to check while the mare is still early in the pregnancy, fetal sexing isn’t off-the-charts accurate. Sometimes it’s just really tough to tell, and sometimes the mare or baby don’t cooperate for the ultrasound and the fetal sexing is inconclusive. So it isn’t really a guarantee, more of a “best educated guess”. If you want to read more about it, knock yourself out.


EmeraldxLissaEnough about the sciencey stuff – whether or not the results of the sexing end up being accurate, we won’t know til next March. Let’s have a little fun with it in the short term via a contest!


I’m gonna make this a really easy one. All you have to do is submit a guess for each mare as to what you think the vet’s fetal sexing verdict will be (either filly or colt, or if you’re feeling cheeky – “baby is stubborn like it’s mother and refused to cooperate: inconclusive”, because that could happen too). One guess for Sadie, one guess for Lissa. The people who get both of them correct will be pooled together and I’ll randomly select a winner from that group. If no one gets them both right, I’ll randomly select a winner from those who guessed Sadie’s correctly. Because that baby is mine and it’s my contest, so there.

The more fun part – what do you win? I’ve teamed up with KJ Creations to offer a cute “baby themed” gift basket, stacked full of a ton of awesome stuff both for human and equine.



“Momma Mare” pamper pack

“Foaling Season” pamper pack

So. Much. Stuff.

I’m gonna make this a quick contest so that I don’t have to keep the news a secret for very long. You’ve got two days to channel your inner fortune teller – entries close at 11:59 PM CST tomorrow, June 14! Leave your guesses in a comment below, and make sure that you leave either a link back to your blog or an email address so I can reach you. Winner (and gender reveals) announced Wednesday June 15!

97 thoughts on “CONTEST: Filly or Colt?

  1. Good luck everyone!! I would vote, but it is not exactly fair since I was there, so I will not. For the record, though, I guessed correctly. Ask Michelle…I really did. I even gave her my reasoning behind the guess. Great contest!! I love your blog. Foals are such fun.


  2. Oh geez. Something inside me is nagging and saying a colt for Sadie. And I’m going to have to say a colt for Lissa too.

    Whatever they are, I hope they end up healthy and perfect!


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