AETA Part 1: Boots, Helmets, Accessories

While it’s impossible to take pictures of everything at AETA, I tried my best to take pictures of the things I thought were the most interesting. Since that resulted in nearly 100 pictures, I’ve decided to break it up into 3 parts. We’ll start with the easy stuff and work our way in.

First – riding boots. While there were several nice boot makers there, the ones that always catch your eye are DeNiro. They just have so many options and such beautiful boots that you can’t help but stop and drool.

As for helmets, it was a lot of what we’ve already seen just with new colors and customization options. Samshield has a new XJ model, which is based off of the XC model (super lightweight carbon) but with a small brim. It’s a nice matte finish and has a new hybrid type of liner that combines features from the Shadowmatte and the Premium. It’s a pretty cool, mean looking helmet.

CO continues to offer tons of customization options for the AYR8

And I loved the GPA with the slightly shiny finish, navy piping and navy leather brim.

There must be a million different belts floating around AETA but the new ones that really caught our eye were from Brian Toohey. They’re simple but still interesting and really pretty.

And on the perhaps less sophisticated and certainly lower budget side, C4 has some pretty cool new patterns coming out in March, including a horseshoe print and jumping horse print in various colors.

I’ve spent the last couple months searching for just the right white stock tie without much luck, so I was pretty excited to come across Style Stock. I of course forgot to take a picture of all of their tone on tone white, champagne, and silver models (which were my favorite) but did get a picture of their big table with some of the more wild patterns and colors. It’s not a brand that I had seen before but I really liked their ties and came home with a tone on tone stripe for myself.

Several t-shirt brands were in attendance, including Stirrups and Phyllis Stein, but One Horse is still the one I like most. Her new Veni Vidi Equitavi was my favorite new design, but she has several really cute ones coming out. Plus she had brownie bites and giant chocolate cookies in her booth, which mean a lot when you’ve skipped lunch.

Home goods aren’t something I usually care much about, but French Laundry had a ton of cute things, from pillows to placemats to totes to canvases. I might have some placemats coming now. We won’t tell the SO his dining room table is about to get horsed, we’ll just let him figure that out on his own. These things are awesome.

As far as bags, there’s a cute new brand called Paul & Lydia that is coming out with some totes as well as smaller bags made from canvas and leather. They have a few prints including a fox, racehorse, bits in a couple different colors, etc. The photos are of the prototypes, so they’re shinier than the end product will be, but my personal favorite was the racehorse print.

Asmar also had a super stunning navy Italian leather boot bag and helmet bag. Totally gorgeous, although jaw droppingly expensive at somewhere around $700 retail for the boot bag alone. Put it on the dream list.

Tomorrow, on to tack and equipment!

29 thoughts on “AETA Part 1: Boots, Helmets, Accessories

  1. I don’t care if its considered less sophisticated (lets be real, I’m not), i LOVE C4 belts. Love. Love. But those boots, holy drool. Also I second that One Horse is fab!


    1. I like my C4’s too, although granted I use them as neck straps 99% of the time. I was mostly excited to hear about their customization program… anyone can get their logo put on belts and it’s not that expensive!


    1. I don’t love the GPA’s as much as the Samshields, but the GPA’s in general are looking better IMO. Better made and less boring looking. Of course, I took a picture of one of the flashier ones because everyone has already seen the plain ones. 😉


  2. Custom DeNiros have definitely been on the list of purchases I wish I could justify for a long time. So gorgeous, and fitted, and well made and all of the little things I love. But since I show mostly locally, and not even that much lately, it’s hard to justify it.

    Those Samshields look like something from a Star Wars movie. Or at least the shiny black one below the matte grey one. Haha. They do look pretty neat though, and much prettier that a standard skull cap.


    1. The shiny black one is the XC, it’s been out for a while now. It’s carbon fiber. I don’t typically love shiny, definitely prefer matte, but they’re nice helmets. SO lightweight, its like wearing nothing.


  3. love the ‘oh crop’ shirt haha. and i really like the diversification and customization in helmets these days. certainly not all of them are winners (lol) – but i really like the direction things are going!


  4. If I could just stroll through and put a few things in my bag, that would be great. Actually, might need a truck and trailer to follow me around so I can take all the things.


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