Fat guy in a little coat

Ok, he’s not fat, but… when your horse was way too thin last winter and is at a pretty perfect weight this winter, it turns out that none of his clothes fit so well anymore.

His quarter sheet


looks more like a cape.

His blue sheet, which I bought new for him last year, went from a little roomy


to a few inches of butt hanging out.

His green blanket (also bought new for him last year)


has suffered the same fate.

I had to let all of his belly straps out at least 8″ when I pulled his blankets out this season.

But considering he looked like this a year ago


and looks like this now

I am not complaining.

But he’s still not getting new clothes. Sorry kid.


30 thoughts on “Fat guy in a little coat

    1. You should have seen him on our road hack the other day… with his dunce cap (bonnet) and his cape (quarter sheet), he looked particularly “special” every time he spooked at grass or trees. Total de de dee.


  1. That cape is spiffy! Never seen a qtr sheet like that!

    Also my blankets have suffered…but a different fate. Bacardi is the destroyer of all blankets. To the point of no repair. He mangled 3 last season and this year already, two have met their death. Sadly need to be replaced. Would be nice to buy new with the warranty but alas…$


  2. Wow! Pictures are so nice to have so you can really see the difference!

    I had the opposite problem with my paint horse Arrow. He went from being obese to fit/a good weight in a year and now all his blankets hang off his butt!


  3. I feel your pain. My once perfectly fitting blankies are all now fitting a wee bit snug. I’m not really complaining! She needed to gain some fat and muscle! PS.. have you tried the Turtleneck brand of blankies? I love my ice turtle.. It keeps my delicate flower nice and toasty up here in the snowy tundra!!


  4. ha that’s awesome! i wish it was similarly good news when my coats stop fitting right lol… but seriously tho, gives me hope for my skinny mare that maybe by this time next year she’ll be light years better…


  5. Good work! I had the opposite problem–had to slim down my beast who had been a pasture ornament (brood mare) for several years before I got her. We got there, but she isn’t getting any new clothes either.


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