Hamer & Clay wins Christmas

I’ve talked about Hamer & Clay a lot on my blog. I first came across her ornaments last year and gave a lot of them (like 10) as Christmas presents. I forgot to order one for myself though, so when H&C opened up for orders this season, I made sure to get myself a Henry (and a couple for barnmates too). Of course, I also posted on here that orders were open, and you guys absolutely went nuts for these ornaments. Kelsey at H&C is one of my favorites, so many thanks to y’all for making this by far her busiest season.

When I got my package from H&C and very excitedly tore off the glittery ribbon to open the box, I think I squealed like a baby pig.

As usual, the details are just spot on. Look at his little beaded browband and Majyk Equipe boots! She even got the piping on the Ogilvy and my Roeckl gloves. Bonus points for glittery mane and tail and derpy overall impression.

The ones for my barnmates came out perfect as well… Sherri got a little ClayRheta

complete with C4 neckstrap and glittery mane/tail, of course. Because mares.

And then there’s Bobby. The ClayHalo I ordered? Nailed it. She even managed to make Bobby look just as dumb in clay as he does in real life. That’s true artistic talent.

Then there were the extra ornaments that I didn’t know about. Have I mentioned I love Kelsey? Because I do. These are perfection.

First, a magnet version of Halo with his AEC ribbons to celebrate his national championship win (yep, she makes magnets too).

Then I opened this little one and just about died laughing…

Yep that’s my trainer wearing Uni. Remember this photo?

It might be the best ornament I’ve ever seen.

But wait, there’s MORE! And was wrapped like this. Behold:

Ever seen wrapping that amazing before? Once I saw what was inside I understood that no other wrapping would have suited this beast.

That is without a doubt the most amazing, rainbowy, glittery, sparkly unicorn I have ever seen. LOVE doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings. It’s perfect.

Many eternal thanks Kelsey at Hamer & Clay for really going above and beyond. Not only are the ornaments I ordered just gorgeous, these extra AEC-related ones are now keepsakes that I will cherish forever. You win Christmas, my friend.


25 thoughts on “Hamer & Clay wins Christmas

  1. those are GREAT! I didnt get my order in but will for next year for sure. AND I am laughing HARD at the Bobby one and the Uni one. Kudos to the designer for sure 🙂
    Hee hee hee


  2. And her customer service is superb too! One of my ornaments arrived with a broken tail. She paid for return shipping, fixed it up and I had it back within a week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I soooooooo need to get in on this next year!! Every year I want one so bad!! I’d even love to have some of my girls riding and watch them grow over the years!!


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