Blog Hop: Hoarding Confessions

I’ve never really thought of myself as a collector. I don’t like clutter in my house so I don’t keep knickknacks or things like that. My horse stuff is generally the same way – I try to sell as much as I buy to keep everything “even”. Of course, sometimes I don’t succeed at that. And sometimes I like things so much that before you know it you open your closet/tack truck and you’re like “How the heck did I get 10 of those?”. No idea how that happened.


So – what do you seem to collect?

Judging by the sheer amount of Kastel clothing present in my closet, it would appear that I might have a little bit of an addiction problem happening. 6 sunshirts (pink, blue, coral, white, gray, yellow), 2 merino wool sweaters (green and gray), a puffy jacket, and a hat. Look, I just really like Kastel okay?

Welcome to the Kastel section of my closet

Which leads us to the one thing I’ve actually knowingly collected – hats. I have no idea why I collect hats or when it started, but I just like having them. It’s nice to be like “Hmmm which awesome hat am I gonna wear to the barn today?”. If I like a brand, I want a hat with their logo on it. Think of it as free advertising on my massive forehead!

Just a portion of my hat collection

I might have 12 pairs of Sock it to Me socks and at least 10 Mango Bay belts too, but I consider those life essentials so they don’t count.

PS – I still want the forest green and navy Kastel sunshirts.

PSS – Need moar hats.



25 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Hoarding Confessions

  1. My “collections” come in the form of outerwear and saddle pads. I have SO. MANY. JACKETS. And vests. And sweatshirts. I just can’t say no to a good piece of outerwear! And my saddle pad collection is truly impressive!


  2. hmmmmm i tend to keep everything spread out enough such that i don’t necessarily have to notice if there’s a ‘collection’ growing lol. i’m terrible about throwing things out tho so it definitely happens haha


  3. If the stuff is useful then it’s not hoarding. Also if there is still space for more stuff or to move around in your closet/room/house/storage space you’re good. Right?!


  4. Definitely have the hat issue here. Actually, I have the same CWD that you do. They don’t take up too much space and I’m going to wear them anyway, since I have such horrid helmet hair.


  5. More than two of anything becomes a collection by default living here in the Shimmy Shack. (32 foot travel trailer home until the house gets built)

    If there aren’t piles up to the ceiling with rat trails running through your space you’re okay. That said – outerwear, boots, and I have a weakness for scarves. Oh, and I guess chickens. (13 – living in their own space lol)


  6. I think the worst thing for me is just products in general. I hear one good recommendation on a product and I’ll probably grab it that day. That and saddle pads, oh so many pads.

    BTW I am in LOVE with the forest green Kastel. I’ve been wanting it for about a year and a half now. I want it so bad!


  7. I participated! Thank you for providing blog material, things were looking a bit bleak for awhile. I’ll most likely be venturing into the Kastel Sun Shirt world next year. Love the colors!


  8. I’ve been collecting sun shirts from various companies and I think I’ve finally reached a saturation point! Lol just kidding- look at that pretty new color- I don’t have that color yet! 😉


  9. Got a new Kastel on outrageous sale (think under $30) last week… Merry Christmas to me!
    I collect… clothes in general? In my parents’ barn, my hoarding tendencies are on display – sheets, polos, bits, among others, but at school not having my own barn it severely limits things. A shame, really.


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