2015 show season by the numbers

Henry’s first year as an eventer (and my first since 2003) went a lot better than I would have ever expected. We moved up to Novice sooner than planned, we made it to AEC, and more importantly Henry gained a lot of confidence. We did 7 USEA events in total, and while no doubt some were better than others (ahem, The Greenwood Stadium Massacre) overall I can’t complain.


I know. I’m impressed too. Sometimes it’s no small feat to stay in the ring despite both my and Henry’s panicked desire to flee the horrors of the rectangle. Granted, there was the time that Henry knocked the chain down with his foot when he tried to prematurely exit at A…

But there’s one part he’s exceptionally good at:


Would have been double clear XC all year except for that one time my watch died in the startbox and I accidentally accrued 3 time penalties. Sorry Henny.

Somehow we managed to come away from every show with a ribbon (even the disastrous Fall Greenwood since they mercifully gave out dressage ribbons), which is now a nice pile of satin sitting on top of the dresser in our guest room. Aside from AEC it was a very Christmas color themed year. We should try for more blue next year. Maybe some yellow for contrast.


And last but not least, the emotional toll.


It’s been real 2015, let’s do it all again next year. I’ll try to push the right button this time.

21 thoughts on “2015 show season by the numbers

  1. what an awesome season!!! i love the infographics too! needs moar helmet cam tho 😉

    also – i relate so hard the # of times said ‘good boy’ – my grandfather apparently counts how often i praise izzy in my helmet cam vids and got up to like, 30 or something crazy in just one video haha


  2. I love this! Way to go! I am impressed you did 7 events. If I get to 3 recognized events in a year it is a major accomplishment. Then again, our closest recognized event (that I will attend) is 8 hours away…. Apparently there is a new one that is 6 hours away and great and I hope to do it next fall since it is SO close. 😉


    1. I wish I lived somewhere like MD/VA, I’d have done even more! We have to drive a ways as well, although definitely not as far as you. We also have very few schooling HT’s, so recognized is pretty much it.


      1. Yeah I used to live in Millbrook NY when I DIDN’T event and there were a gazillion events less than 2 hours away. Now I event in Idaho and kick myself all the time…. 🙂 Maybe we should all go live with Emma in Maryland…


  3. No matter how much you guys hate Henry, have faith in the fact that your worst dressage score is better than my best c;


  4. Well if it makes you feel better, I read the picture before anything else and got really confused as to why the best dressage score was lower than the worst! Well done on on all your clears cross country! Despite time faults!


  5. I have to admit the horn on Henry the Unicorn appeared to be moving when I first looked at it. Either someone slipped something into my coffee at work or I’ve been looking at this screen too long. Either way, great job this year to you and your unicorn!


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