Hamer & Clay’s annual custom ornament sale (and coupon code)

Some of you might remember the Hamer & Clay ornaments I bought as Christmas presents last year. Beka got one as part of her blogger Secret Santa, which pretty much sealed the deal on her being my internet wife.

They were a HUGE hit, really cute, and super affordable. They are my new go-to favorite present for barn friends (so um… all my barn friends… forget what you just read and act surprised when you get an ornament) and my friends with dogs. Because who doesn’t love having their favorite furry friend turned into an awesome keepsake? This year I’m buying one for myself too, because somehow last year in my ornament frenzy I forgot to do that.



Kelsey, the owner of Hamer & Clay, can do just about anything you can dream up. Any colors, any kind of special features, markings, tack, glitter, rhinestones, horses, dogs, even fish… you name it, she can do it. And they’re all STUNNING. All I did was send her photos, specify details, colors, etc, and she absolutely nailed every single one.


I’m very excited to hear from Kelsey that Hamer & Clay is officially open for the season. Not only is she open, she’s offering my readers 15% off orders over $25 with coupon code alwaysbeaunicorn when you order through her Etsy shop. Interested in ordering? Here’s what you need to know:


Equines with riders: $22.00 ea
any pose any discipline, one horse, one rider

Equines with wreaths: $22.00 ea
any pose, any style of wreath, or stall door.

Equines with bows: $20.00 ea.
one horse, one bow, or simple adornment.

Other Quadrupeds
Cattle, swine, deer, moose etc.
Quadrupeds with wreaths: $20.00 ea
Quadrupeds with bows: $18.00 ea

Household Pets
Pets in a wreath: $18.00 ea
Pets with a bow or simple adornment: $16.00 ea
Pets au naturel $15.00 ea

Everything Else:
Above is the standard list of items offered. The shop is run on a fully
custom basis, and I would be happy to work with you on anything else
you don’t see listed above.


Hamer & Clay is a small home based business with one sculptor. Ornaments are made one at a time for the consignor per their specifications

All orders placed and paid for before December 10, 2015 are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

Orders are a first come first serve basis. New orders may be waitlisted depending on order volume.

All orders can be monitored via a link provided with your invoice number.

Hamer & Clay prides itself on customer satisfaction, and will do everything within it’s abilities to ensure you get exactly what you envisioned. (or as close to our abilities as possible)

Standard shipping rates apply to all orders:
-All ornaments are shipped via Canada Post/USPS unless otherwise specified. Ornaments are wrapped in tissue, gift boxes and bubble wrap, they are packed securely and carefully.
-All ornaments damaged during shipping are eligible for a full refund or resculpt or both. ** Photos must be provided for insurance purposes
-Ornaments can be shipped as gifts directly to their intended recipients, wrapped free of charge. Discounts will still apply.

Shipping rates:
Canadian Customers: add $15.00 flat rate shipping for all shipments within Canada
USA Customers: $13.50 ground (4-10 days) with tracking. PM for express rates.


So go forth, readers, support a great small business, and buy all the ornaments! Don’t forget to follow Hamer & Clay on facebook to see all of her ornaments and get business updates.

25 thoughts on “Hamer & Clay’s annual custom ornament sale (and coupon code)

  1. And I LOVE mine! It’s an awesome gift!!! The arrow, the half-sleeve, the big fancy pony. I need more. I might even give some as gifts. Maybe. 🙂


  2. And thanks to this little post, my friends now know what one of their xmas presents is. Damn you. (They read it, got excited about ordering them, and I had to shut them down before they did so).


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