Weekend recap: this is just getting ridiculous 

I’m sure some of you heard about the crazy flooding in Austin. Yes again. Yes we just did this in May, too. The rain on Friday was absolutely insane… almost 8 hours of straight solid downpour. Austin looked like this:  Rainfall totals looked like this, which… keep in mind, we got a good 8-10″ last weekend too: Luckily the barn was on the lower end of the rainfall spectrum at around 8-9″, but still. EIGHT to NINE inches, on top of what we already had last week. We’re at almost 2′ of rain in the last month. 2015 is within a half inch of being the wettest year ever on record, and that’s with two rainy months left to go.  I should have bought a boat instead of a trailer.

Very little riding has happened since Greenwood. Very little riding might be happening all winter. We officially live in a swamp.

at least someone is enjoying his little vacation

In less depressing news, my Lorenzini’s arrived and I was able to squeeze in a quick ride on Thursday night. These things are super gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that. Those Italians, man… they’re artists.

Maybe some day I’ll get to ride in them enough to form an opinion as to their performance.

The only actual fun part of the weekend was Halloween. As the unofficial weirdest couple amongst our friends, the SO and I are the natural choice to host a Halloween party every year. It’s really just a bunch of adults sitting in our driveway, eating and drinking, whilst wearing costumes and handing out candy to kids.

I usually do some kind of theme costume with my dog, and since Quinn is with us now I decided to rope all three dogs into my ensemble.  Poor dogs. Quinn was a good sport about the helmet though.

The Childeric arrives tomorrow… hopefully it dries out enough to where I can actually ride in it before the five day trial period is up!

13 thoughts on “Weekend recap: this is just getting ridiculous 

      1. how sad we in the east coast are having better weather than you and it is November here 🙂 I suggest water wings in navy for you and Henry 🙂 Cant wait to hear about the saddle. And those stirrups are GORGEOUS 🙂


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