PSA: Awesome Sale Items

I just happened to stumble upon these, oh so innocently, last night while I was perusing Riding Warehouse. Because it’s normal to visit an online tack shop once a week to check the new Items and see what’s on sale. Naturally.

They have especially good deals on show coats… the Kerrit’s Kompetitor and Horseware Competition jacket are both only $69.88. Crazy cheap. And the Kerrit’s one is a super pretty blue with white piping.Β I’m trying desperately to think of a good reason why I need another blue coat.

They also have the Ariat Platinum Softshell, normally $500, for $299.

If you’re looking forΒ a coat, definitely take a tour through their coats sale section, they have lots of good stuff in there at great prices.

Eventers – their Dalmar boots are only $66.88 per pair, fronts and hinds!

And – BROWN TALL BOOT ALERT! The Ariat Challenge‘s are on sale for only $279.

Plus breeches, helmets, show shirts, bridles… so much good stuff. Sadly I’m on a spending freeze at the moment, so everyone go buy something in my honor and then tell me all about it. I’m suffering from withdrawal.

27 thoughts on “PSA: Awesome Sale Items

        1. and it is ordered. SIGH…but it really is a steal and i like my tredstep but its so dark and boring. πŸ™‚ thanks for enabling YET AGAIN. You are so bad (and good) for me πŸ™‚


  1. I wish I could justify any of that stuff, especially the boots and the jacket and a helmet. Okay I was going to just type one thing, but I just kept going. I am English saddle-less again, so I can’t justify any of it. Sad, but very good for my wallet and my poor credit card.


  2. i already have that horseware jacket (and loooooooove it) but am not thrilled with the size i have. so…. the question becomes, do i order another? lol. i think the answer is YES.


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