The Eventing Unicorn (and attention Fair Hill attendees)

It seems like AEC was not the end of the line for Uni the Eventing Unicorn. Last week she was made famous with her appearance in The Chronicle of the Horse, and this week she’s at Fair Hill with my coach, having all kinds of adventures. Uni’s goal, in addition to just being awesome, is to get photographed on/with and autographed by as many upper level riders as possible. Then she will come back to Texas and be auctioned off this winter at the Greater Houston Combined Training Association banquet for a great cause. There will also be a photo book of all of Uni’s adventures auctioned off with her. Here’s a sneak peak of what she’s been up to so far, while en route to Fair Hill from Texas:

Last minute farrier adjustments
honing those cross country skillz
Stopping for a snack while walking the 2* course

If you want to follow along with Uni on her adventures, like her page on facebook

The Eventing Unicorn

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IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE AT FAIR HILL: if you find Uni and take a picture with her, I will send you a $10 Riding Warehouse gift card! Snap the picture and post it on instagram, making sure to hashtag #eventingunicorn and tag @eventing_unicorn

And remember: Always be a Unicorn.

8 thoughts on “The Eventing Unicorn (and attention Fair Hill attendees)

  1. I want to get to FHI (especially if there is a UNICORN THERE) it is only 10 minutes from my house but alas work gets in my way again and again. IF I happen to run into a Unicorn in my town I will know who it is 🙂 LOL


  2. This is great, Amanda! I’ll donate $100 to the beneficiary of the auction if Uni visits MangoBay (in the vendor tent at Fair Hill) and plants a big unicorn kiss on my husband’s forehead! He kindly volunteered to “man” my booth there while I’m at New England Eq Finals, and needs to find out how much fun eventers are!! Of course I need photographic evidence of the Uni-kiss!


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