Greenwood cross country video

Yay, something that didn’t take forever to get! STILL don’t have my AEC pics, btw…

They managed to get all the jumps in the video except for 2, 5, 13, and 14. Greenwood’s course is so spread out and wooded, I’m sure it would have required a few more videographers to get it all.

And some stills from the video

Oh ya know, just lopin’ over the feeder…


Random question of the day – does anyone besides Ecogold make a shaped XC pad that comes in navy? And not the cotton one BoB carries, which is the one I currently have.

17 thoughts on “Greenwood cross country video

  1. That looks lovely! Henry sure does love being a XC pony doesn’t he? I’ve just signed up for training with an eventer and am so. excited!


  2. I love watching videos, but I have a hard time doing it because if they’re the lease bit shaky they make me sick. I’ve always had motion sickness problems but the two concussions have made it worse. I’m pleased to say this one does not make me sick at all. 🙂 Henry looks so happy to be out XC and I love watching his little brain trying to figure things out. There were some tough questions. You both look great.

    As for saddle pads, the only one I’ve seen like that other than ecogold is made by success equestrian but it appears to only come in white.


  3. You both look like you’re having a great time!

    PRI makes a shaped pad (model #HA55006, the cotton quilted contour all purpose pad) that comes in navy, but I don’t think it will fit a very forward flap saddle. All the other brands I’m aware of that make XC pads (Toklat, Success Equestrian, ECP) only make them in black and white. 😦


  4. I think a letter to Ogilvy to design a XC pad in the shape you and (MANY) other eventers are looking for would be a smashing idea. (personally)

    Otherwise, after scouring online a bit all I could come up with is having someone custom make what you are looking for. I don’t know who, Southern Jumper seems to be making some top notch stuff these days.

    Lemieux does some nice shaped pads, but they aren’t really that shaped at all.

    XC looks fantastic, but holy ditches! Why so many!?

    I had an interesting conversation (or series of conversations) with a Canadian course builder who has worked internationally on the difference between Canadian Eventing (and its courses) vs American Eventing and its courses, I wish we could have gotten more in depth, the guy is a well of knowledge, and I admittedly know the bare minimum so I didn’t have the arsenal of questions I should have had to fully take advantage of this guys years of experience.


  5. That’s a heck of a Novice course. I did Rebecca Farm this past year (my first and only recognized show…it’s in my backyard). It was super intimidating because the height was maxed out throughout (and on my 14.3 Arab that looks dang big), but the fences were pretty straight forward. We did have jumps coming out of the water in several areas, but not jumping out of the water. And NOTHING like that skinny. Eeek! You gave him a great ride through a tough course. Congratulations!


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