The Chronicle has been Unicorned

I feel like I’ve really accomplished something noteworthy in my life right now. Not for making it INTO the Chronicle of the Horse, although that itself is a pretty awesome thing, but for succeeding in getting a unicorn into the magazine.


I was also VERY HAPPY that the Chronicle listed the breeding of the horses! As a bloodline nerd, I love it. Also, go Thoroughbreds.

AECchronicle2 AECChronicle3

It’s in the October 12th issue! There’s also a good little write up on Bobby and Halo’s story:




20 thoughts on “The Chronicle has been Unicorned

  1. I think it’s so awesome that you guys are getting so much love! All the press from the AECs that I’ve seen has really been good to the adult amateur riders and I really really like seeing that.

    Plus I listened to the USEA podcast and how awesome was it that Bobby got a spot right between the USEA pres and Jacob fletcher?? They asked Bobby a good bit about making it work as a rider with a full time real job and that was cool to hear. And I loved learning more about halo too!!


  2. There is all kinds of bad assery going on here, but the only thing that really keeps popping up in my brain is Bobby being 38 years old. I swear he is 14 or something. Like the rest of us mentally.


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