5 things I learned at the AEC’s

I’ve pretty much given up on official pictures or videos from AEC ever getting posted, so now I’m going out of order and posting 5 things I learned before I actually finish the show recap of stadium day/awards. Desperate times…

Everything is better with a team

Seriously, if you ever get the chance to participate in an Adult Team Challenge or Championship, DO IT. I always have fun at shows no matter what, but having a built in team of people that you genuinely want to succeed and do well makes it even better. It’s not often that we mere mortals at the lower levels get the opportunity to compete as part of a team, but there’s just something about being “in it” with other people that makes it more special. Your success depends on theirs, and vice versa. You feel a responsibility to your teammates that makes it even more important to do well… you don’t want to let them down. I was more excited for Bobby when he won than I would have been for myself, and I was super proud of and elated for every person on the team for going out there and getting the job done. I’ve never yelled and screamed and cheered so much in my entire life. Also, if you qualify for AEC and even have just a remote chance of making the trip, DO IT. This was, hands down, the most fun that I have had at a horse show ever. The prizes are badass, we had parties every night, and the atmosphere was awesome. I mean, come on, that British announcer guy alone is worth the entry fee.


It helps to have a trainer as crazy as you are

The ridiculous unicorn and rainbow and glitter theme would not have worked as well with a super serious, reserved, quiet trainer. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s time to do work she’s all business, but AM can take a joke and is completely on our level of nuts, and the fact that she so good-naturedly played along made it extra fun for us. Especially when she bet us that if we won the team championship she would wear the unicorn mask for our win photo. Chronicle of the Horse subscribers, keep an eye on the AEC results issue.

Her favorite pastimes include drinking champers out of water bottles and sorting flowers


Bobby and I, as dumb as we are separately, are even dumber together

I mean… I knew it was bad, but going through all the footage to make Shitshow episodes was eye opening. We are a couple of dumbs that are compounded times a million when we’re put together. We appear to have no shame, no filter, and no sense of propriety. You’re welcome world.

Bobby blindfolding children for Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

There are always people willing to help

We had so much support every step of the way, from trainers to friends to sponsors to you guys reading the blog and cheering us on – it means a lot to feel like you’ve got people in your corner. And of course an extra special thank you to Riding Warehouse, Mango Bay, Gypsy Tails, Straight Shot Metal Smashing, Uncle Jimmy’s, Willow Tree Farm and Lori at Mars. We had SO MUCH COOL SHIT thanks to you guys. The Unicorns looked pretty fantastical and had a great time.

Support crew. Behold that sparkly unicorn shirt.


Making Bobby fancy = I win at life

Bobby actually said the words “Having fancy shit is fun!”. Direct quote. From the man with rubber boots and plastic tack who has spent the past year making fun of me with all my ‘fancy shit’. Give him some nice new gear and all the sudden it’s like the beast has been unleashed. Wait til y’all see him at Holly Hill when he rolls up there in his new outfit. He’s still clinging to that Wintec for dear life, but ya know… baby steps.


18 thoughts on “5 things I learned at the AEC’s

  1. Show teams are the best. So much more fun when you have a bunch of people behind you and for you to cheer on. Totally agree with you. I love celebrating other people success as much if not more than my own.


  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic time and that you’re an awesome person. Those seem like great things on your list. “That British announcer guy alone is worth it”….I love it!


  3. I soooooo want to go to AEC someday! With it moving to east coast next year it could potentially be doable, but it would be expensive as hell to get down there from MA. Oh not to mention I’d have to get my shit together enough to actually even recognized BN! Dreams though!!

    Also how fun would it be to have an ATC team made up entirely of bloggers?? More dreams…


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