Inspection photos!

I finally got a chance to put together the pictures from Sadie and Merlin’s RPSI inspection. I was unable to attend due to other commitments, but the report back was that they were both super well behaved. Sadie was really TOO well-behaved, since they couldn’t really get her fired up enough to show her best gaits. She was approved despite that, as was Merlin. Being only 4 weeks old he was at a major disadvantage to all of the other more mature, filled out foals, but he still scored really well and won a lot of fans with his precocious temperament. Seeing how well Merlin turned out makes me even more excited for my Mighty Magic foal.

Dat trot doe ❤




Ron Burgundy???


Ears for days


SadieInspection1Photo Credit to Terri Hatcher for most of these!

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