Everyday fails

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself, so I can’t resist Zen Baby Horse‘s Everyday Fails blog hop. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes and do ridiculous things sometimes, not to mention that horses are the most humbling thing I’ve ever come across. But it’s ok to fail, because that’s how we learn. Why not celebrate our failures just as much as our successes? We all take this sport very seriously, but sometimes we have to embrace the fail moments and inject a little levity.

Did you know I’m basically a professional mane sniffer?

Sometimes you just gotta get down in there and take a nice deeeeeep whiff.

This one is called The I-Can’t-Commit-to-a-Distance. Poor Charlie was a saint. This photo proves that there’s a horsey heaven, and he’s in it.

Jezebel’s first open ditch produced quite the deer leap. Monsters.

I still don’t really know quite what happened here, but that’s about as derpy as you can get.


That time I tried to take NICE PICTURES with my two HORRIBLE DONKEYS


That time Kai kind of forgot how big 1.00m is and left me clinging to him like a monkey


and then the other time


and then the OTHER time.


Charlie’s (and my) first Training level event, when he tripped in the water and we both came inches away from taking an unexpected bath.


That time I really loved the long spot


and the other time


okay it’s basically all the time.


The early days of Henry, when he was obese and downhill and overbent and I remedied it with intense piano hands.


Remember that time I won a bridle for 2nd and Bobby won a rubber bracelet for 3rd? I remember. Oh boy do I ever remember. #bobbyfail

and of course, even though this is 16 years old, it’s still the best video ever…

31 thoughts on “Everyday fails

    1. I dunno, it’s kind of my favorite thing ever. Poor 16 year old me. My dad was the one filming too, notice he didn’t even move an inch, just kept recording.


      1. he was steady as a rock. TOO FUNNY he never stopped recording. COURSE it helps that the point of failure was smack dab in front of the camera. Front row no less 🙂 HEE still giggling…hard


  1. I’m also a lover of long distances. I have a really bad eye for them anyways so when i see the long one I just ask because I never know if another stride will be worth it


      1. The jumpers/evernters use a more tight distances to build more speed on the ground, I could NEVER do that. Luckily I am a hunter! So it’s really cute when I ask the long distance and he rocks back and jumps (:


  2. Those long spots!! Judging from your pictures and these comments, I’m far from the only recovering long distance addict. Also, I wish all parents were unflinching enough to capture our fail moments on video.


  3. omg great pictures and the video had me giggling. I can’t believe he just kept filming! My favorite pics were the mane sniffers. You do look very intent on sniffing that mane!


  4. lol donkeys and piano hands and that amazing video (with apparently completely unflappable father as videographer) – this is all solid gold haha


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