Fate laughed at us, we laughed back

It took less than 48 hours from when I posted last week about my plans for the rest of the year for things to go astray. I got a call on Thursday afternoon from the from the secretary of the dressage show I had planned for Sunday, telling me that they don’t offer Eventing tests, only USDF tests (despite the entry saying “Higher level USEF tests, Freestyle, Eventing, and Rider tests are welcome to be ridden Hors Concours (HC).”. Guess that line wasn’t supposed to be in the show bill? Boo. I didn’t really feel like trying to learn two new USDF tests last minute so I just opted out instead. Kinda bummed, because I thought we finally had a good little dressage show series that would let us do Eventing tests for cheap. But also not at all bummed, because I wasn’t really in the mood for a dressage show anyway.

Henry’s hay eyebrow remains dubious about dressage

So instead I packed the weekend with fun things that had absolutely nothing to do with dressage, because that’s way better. On Saturday myself and a couple folks from the barn went to Granger Lake again to trail ride.

We took our longest route yet, which led to some very unfortunate chafing to my lady bits by the time we were done, most of which went undiscovered until I got in the shower and the burning was very real. But it was worth it anyway for a nice relaxing ride with friends and a fun little canter. If your sound is on you get to hear me tell Henry “No bucking!” toward the end. He has no respect for my one-handed cell phone video attempt.

On Sunday I put the jumps up a couple holes and popped him over a few fences.

Hey look, I found the base!

It was pretty hot already even at 10am so I kept it short but he jumped around happily and even saved my butt once when I failed to steer (which unfortunately was not caught on film to go in the Fail Vault). Bless you Henry. He’s starting to feel more comfortable and confident with bigger fences… it wasn’t too long ago that he would have said hell no instead of saving my ass. Maturity – he’s getting it. Or he’s just given up and resigned himself to a sad life of carting around a moron. Either way, props buddy.

jumping719-1 jumping719-2

I think my favorite thing ever is his face when he’s locked and loaded on a fence. His ears. His teeth. It’s too much. Pretty sure he was much happier with our Plan B weekend than he would have been with a “stuffy, boring, horrific” (his words) dressage show.


His forelock when I got off was pretty hilarious too. All of that badassery really does a number on one’s hair.


Sorrynotsorry dressage show. We didn’t miss you one bit.

15 thoughts on “Fate laughed at us, we laughed back

  1. To bad about the dressage show. Plan B sounded fun! Glad that you had some good rides. I can commiserate with you on the summer chafing. The worst!!


  2. That sounds like a great weekend. We opted for jumping big things instead of dressaging this weekend too. Good for the soul!


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