Being prepared is overrated

Since apparently Texas has decided to emulate Seattle this spring and turn our arenas into lakes, I haven’t ridden my horse since last Thursday. That’s not generally such a big deal, Henry does fine just sitting around. It is, however, much less ideal when you’re leaving for your biggest event to date in a few days. And you’re going alone. No barnmates, no trainer. To a place myself and my horse have never been. Did I mention my division is totally stacked with very experienced and nice horse/rider combinations? Someone somewhere is laughing at me for thinking this was a good idea, and now probably all of you are as well. It’s ok, I’m laughing at me too.


Also because I’m in the lowest of lowly smurfs division, my ride times are all late. I’m ok with that on Saturday but it’s going to suck on Sunday when after XC I have to drive 210 miles home, drop off the horse and the trailer and my stuff, then take the rental truck back to the south side of town. We’re going to choose to look at this as an ADVENTURE! Because what other choice is there? And it’ll be fun anyway. Hopefully.

which leads us to my super appropriate new bracelet from Swanky Saddle. It says “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

Since I haven’t been able to ride, I’ve delved knee deep into my first Charles de Kunffy book “Training Strategies for Dressage Riders”. There’s a lot of information crammed in there. If you’re the kind of person who loves philosophy and extreme detail, this is the book for you. I’m finding it very informative, but it’s definitely not light reading. I’m about halfway through and have two typed pages of quotes, plus there’s a a few sections that really are worthy of being quoted in their entirely. Especially the pages on punishment, gadgetry (particularly draw reins and tie-downs) and the horse as a partner. There’s an entire chapter on insubordination of the horse to the rider that I feel like should be required reading for anyone who gets on a horse.  Other things though – there’s so much detail and intricacy that my brain can’t deal with it for more than 15 minutes at a time. I have to read a little, then give it time to sink in, then read more. There’s lots of cool charts and tables though.

Hopefully today we can at least go for a road hack, then we’ll see what the rest of the week brings.

17 thoughts on “Being prepared is overrated

  1. Never boring your life is it?? I can’t wait to read this blog next week 🙂 You will be fine, have a blast and enjoy! Thank goodness you have a sensible horse!!


  2. Preparation? Who needs that! I bet you guys will still kick ass. I would be interested in reading the passages on insubordination of the horse. As an ammy, I’m still learning the line of when to push on and when to redirect.


  3. I’ll be scribing dressage at Greenwood Saturday! I hope I get to scribe your test. I’ll also be creeping on you during show jumping and hopefully sharing a cider with you after…if that’s not too creepy.


  4. The rain needs to STOP! But also, when it rains this much down here, I wish I was in Seattle still because the arenas there don’t hold water like they do here. Seriously, best footing I have ever ridden in.


  5. The rain is stupid and annoying. We have a covered, but dumbo loses his mind because he might melt like the wicked witch of the west if God forbid, two drops of rain touch him. Plus, it’s almost summer, it’s supposed to be nice outside! Hope it shapes up for you!


  6. You’ll do great – both in the show and trailering to it on your own and stuff! I think it’s a really empowering feeling to do everything on your own, that’s how I’ve done it for a while now. Lately, I’ve had the help of my husband (poor man), but still I’ve had to figured out how to load/unload myself, get comfortable trailering on my own, and have no trainer at the show. It CAN be done! (though having a trainer there with me someday would certainly be nice eventually…)


  7. Love that book – it’s one of my bibles!

    What company do you rent a truck from? I didn’t realize anyplace rented tow vehicles, and that’s the one thing I can’t get on a regular basis.


  8. ‘brilliance by unity’ – sounds great! good luck at your show too. bummer you haven’t been able to ride and will have to go it alone, but it sounds like it’ll be a blast all the same. knock ’em dead!


  9. Ugh, I’m right there with you girl (hi, I’m a new reader. Love your blog!) It has been raining non-stop here in WI and my pony is in a “dry lot”….which turns into SOUP when it rains, so his “four white socks” have been poop-colored for weeks now and we have a horse show in two weeks and haven’t been able to practice in the outdoor dressage ring more than once yet. Yaaaaay. :\ But on the upside I have been taking more trail rides, just in an attempt to so SOMETHING on my horse, which the pony loves and I think that has been really good for him. Fingers crossed we can pull a First Level test out of our asses in two weeks……


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