Weekend recap: shows, shopping, and sunshine

If it sounds like I hit the weekend trifecta with shows, shopping, and sunshine, it’s because I did.

Saturday morning I headed out to the barn early to ride. Picture taking friend Amy came out (yay picture taking friend Amy) to get some general Henry pictures and nice pictures of some items I have in the queue for review. I’ll save those pictures for other posts minus this one because I love it. Brace yourselves, you’ll see it again soon.

After my ride, Brandy and I headed out to a big h/j show in Houston to do some shopping and watch the evening Grand Prix. Most of the shopping centered around my friend’s mobile trailer Luxe Eq… I picked up my new Ogilvy and Asmar stuff that I had ordered from her, plus a few extra things. Ok I might have a hat collection problem. A girl can’t have too many awesome hats.

We walked around and poked through all the vendors, looked at some new stuff we hadn’t seen yet, and dreamed about being rich enough to buy All The Things.

Animo. So much Animo.
The EquiFit D-Teq line samples! Lots of pretty options.

I also scored my absolute favorite thing in the entire Houston metro area… a Mango smoothie from the little coffee/smoothie/snack vendor at the show. They’re ridiculously good, I used to live on these things when I showed here. They’re almost enough to convince me to swing back into h/j again. Almost.

The Grand Prix was a 1.50m class and we nabbed great seats, not to mention the weather was perfect, so it was a lot of fun to sit by the ring for a couple hours and watch a lot of nice horses and good riders. We had fun looking up the pedigrees of all the horses we liked, and the announcer actually said the name of several horses’ sires! They don’t often do that, and I’m always thrilled when they do. It’s a start. My favorite horse of the class was a Cassini son, no surprise since he’s my favorite stallion of all time. Of course I did a terrible job of taking pictures or video… all I got was a short video of the little hackney that was part of the pre-prix festivities, and this gem, which proves that even the pros miss sometimes. Oopsy.

We didn’t get home until almost 11, which is the only explanation I have for the pit stop we made on the way home for late night driving sustenance. I regret nothing.

Sunday was the first day that SO and I have had off together where we’re both actually HOME (my bad) in over a month, so we decided to spend some time together and take advantage of the amazing Austin weather. We took the kids (the 4 legged and fuzzy variety) down to Town Lake so they could run around, then we headed over to have some Indian food and drinks on an outdoor patio. Low 80’s and not a cloud in the sky – it does wonders for the soul, both human and canine.

My old man might be 10yo this year but he’s still ridiculously adorable.

And because I’m a sucker for a 24 hour sale, the C4 buy one get one suckered me in for sure. Two belts (one for Brandy, and mine will be a neck strap) and a sticker for $30!

I hope everyone else had an equally lovely Vitamin D and retail therapy filled weekend.

25 thoughts on “Weekend recap: shows, shopping, and sunshine

  1. …can I move to Austin please? That looks absolutely gorgeous. And isn’t it weirdly satisfying when the pros miss? It means I finally have something in common with them!
    Also totally drooling over your Luxe Eq stuffs.


  2. I grabbed a couple of belts from c4, too. Too good of a sale not to! Ugh, I haven’t been to Pin Oak in ages. I MUST GO next year.


  3. Those three S’s are the best kind of weekend 🙂
    I will say, that I do miss Austin weather right now….it snowed this morning. Ask me how I feel about that.


    1. That was Brandy’s! And yes she did. You’d be amazed how hard it is to find an open gas station at 10pm at night in the middle of nowhere Texas. By the time we found one we were dying.


  4. sounds like the perfect weekend – looking forward to all the new reviews too (tho i can feel my wallet already starting to cringe haha)


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